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Minor in Political Journalism

Offered by the Saint Louis University College of Arts and Sciences 

  • Minor in Political Journalism

Overview: Saint Louis University's political journalism minor is a cooperative program of the departments of communication and political science. It is open to all majors. The minor includes areas of study in editorial writing, politics, news and essay writing, and public administration. It draws upon aspects of communication and political science in order for students to develop a sound foundation in journalism.

Curriculum: SLU's political journalism minor program consists of 25 credit hours in the areas of journalism and political science. Five courses are required. You will then select six credit hours in communication and six credit hours in political science. 

Faculty: SLU's communication and political science faculty are strong scholars in their fields. Their combined intelligence and teaching experience make earning this minor an integrated, educationally stimulating experience.

Internships: An internship provides an important bridge between your academic and professional worlds, and makes the transition to your professional life much easier. Not only will you gain three hours credit in your career emphasis - you will be adding considerable experience to your resume.

Careers: Students who graduate from SLU with a political journalism minor work in government, business, and non-profit organizations both in the United States and abroad. Others go on to graduate studies in law, international affairs, urban planning, and many other subjects. 

Visit the Political Journalism page for more information.
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