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Campaign 2016: SLU Political Experts Lead the Way in Information and Analysis

Since America's earliest political races, academics have been among those closely following the candidates, the issues and public reaction to both local and national campaigns.

From the days when it often took weeks for news to spread to the 21st century technology that brings it to almost everyone everywhere in a split second, people want to know more about those who will govern our nation.

Two Saint Louis University professors are among those who not only have a historical perspective on the leaders and elections that have shaped our country in the past but closely follow, interpret and provide analysis on today's political scene in the classroom, at public forums and with the media.

Joel Goldstein, J.D., the Vincent C. Immel Professor of Law, is a highly respected scholar of the Vice Presidency, Presidency, and Constitutional Law, having written widely in all three areas. He is continually sought by national and international media outlets to provide commentary and insight during the presidential campaigns.

Goldstein is writing a new book on the Vice Presidency, and is also working on studies of Senator Edmund S. Muskie and Justice Louis Brandeis.

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Joel Goldstein, J.D.

Kenneth Warren, Ph.D., a professor in the department of political science, is one of the nation's leading authorities on politics. President of The Warren Poll for over three decades, Warren has polled for the media, government, private clients and politicians throughout America. He has served as a political analyst for local, national and international media for more than 30 years.

 Warren is the author of many works including In Defense of Public Opinion Polling, which has received international acclaim since its release in 2001.

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Kenneth Warren, Ph.D.
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