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The Pre-Law Department sponsors a First Year Interest Group (FIG) for freshman students. First-Year Interest Groups (FIGs) are groups of 1-4 courses that students within each learning community can take together during their fall semester. On average, 20 to 22 first year students are assigned to a FIG within the same Learning Community.

Because FIG members live on the same floor of their residence hall with students who take some of the same courses, it is much easier for them to form study groups and get help with challenging courses. Also, because each FIG is connected to a Learning Community, it allows for increased interaction with faculty and academic staff.

Like other aspects of the Learning Community program, the FIG experience is open to all incoming commuter students.

Recent Events

Recently, the Pre-Law First Year Interest Group collaborated with a student organization, the Political Round Table, to host a roundtable discussion titled, "The State of Saint Louis."  This program featured presentations constructed by the students meant to spark discussion about various local legal issues.  Links to the presentations as well as pictures of their student authors follow. 

food_deserts "Food Deserts in Urban Areas"

Presented by:
Rebecca Brunty
Steven Dyke
Phillip Berra
Alexandria Swiger
Anna Daniels
Melissa Powers



racial_disparities  "Racial Disparities in the Criminal Justice System"

  Presented by:
  Josh Connelly
  Tommy Leininweber
  Issac Singleton, Jr.
  Danny Saurwein
  Yasmin Bahena
  Rachel Kingery





fig_urban_redevelopment"Urban Redevelopment in the 17th Ward"

Presented by:
Brendan Cardella-Koll
Arjun Patel
Austin Ates
Megan Von Borslet
Emily Mitchell
Joe Gayton (Not Pictured)
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