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Legal Internships

Students can enroll in a guided internship course for class credit either during the school year or during the summer. Students may secure an internship site on their own, but most students consult the following document to find an internship that interests them. This document contains a list of sites at which SLU students have interned in the past, and it includes a brief description and contact information for over 30 possible internships in the St. Louis area. 

List of Internship Sites and Contact Information 

Once an internship site is secured, students must register for PLS 4910: Legal Internship or POLS 3915: Legal Internships. Students should contact the Office of Pre-Health & Pre-Law Studies for information on how the directed study will be structured and graded.

You can visit SLU's Career Services Office for more general information about internships.

For more information and assistance in securing a legal internship, contact your pre-law advisor: (A-L: Taylor Essner, M-Z: Colleen Dunn). 

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