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Spring Successes

Coming off of a successful competition at the University of Illinois, where Top Attorney awards were garnered by Jacky Simon and Megan Von Borstel and Top Witness awards by Fizza Batool and Christina Lam, Saint Louis University's Mock Trial Team recently traveled to Kansas City to compete in the American Mock Trial Association's inter-collegiate Regional Trial Competition. The top seven teams at that Regional qualify for the first round of the national championship series (Opening Round Championship Tournament). Saint Louis finished fifth, thereby qualifying for the Opening Round Championships at Washington University in St. Louis the weekend of March 15-17. Fizza Batool once again brought home a Best Witness award from Kansas City.

Spring Successes

Front row from left to right, Merrilyn Hoenemeyer, Megan Von Borstel, Nidhi Narielwala, Jacky Simon, & Fizza Batool.
Back row from left to right, Brian Grievenkamp, Coach Michael Skinner, Robert Sonnenfelt, & Ose Okoruwa.


Name: Katie Anderson
Year: Senior (3rd year mock)
Major: Political Science/Legal Studies
Why you joined Mock Trial: "It was a requirement for a class I needed, but I stuck with it because it added a competitive aspect to my college experience that I was missing from high school since I didn't play sports in college."
Describe the experience in a few words: "Mock Trial has been an amazing experience. Aside from all of the great people I've met and the awesome places we've gotten to go, it has really taught me a lot more than sitting in a classroom ever has. It's helped me really understand courtroom etiquette and it's improved my speaking skills greatly."
Plans for the future: "I plan to attend law school in the fall."

Name: Alexander Salazar
Year: Senior
Major: English w/ Certificate in Legal Studies
Why you joined Mock Trial: "I joined because I had to take the class for my certificate, but I remained on the team because I enjoyed the trips with the team and quickly began to bond with my teammates. It is the perfect combination of travel, competition, and socializing. Plus, it offers you the great experience of practicing trial."
Describe the experience in a few words: "Wouldn't trade my team for any other."
Plans for the future: "I want to become a lawyer."

Name: Kathleen Cadigan
Year: Senior
Major: Political Science and Legal Studies
Why you joined Mock Trial: "It is easy to learn about the law in classroom but I wanted a more interactive experience outside of the classroom."
Describe the experience in a few words: "A really engaging experience with real-life implications."
Plans for the future: "Graduate school in London but I will be attending law school further down the road."

Name: Fizza Batool
Year: Junior
Major: Criminal Justice & Legal Studies
Why you joined Mock Trial: "I joined the class originally because it was a required course for my major. But once I joined, I realized what an incredible organization it is because it allows students who want to pursue a career in law a chance to apply methods and concepts learned in a classroom to a mock trial setting."
Describe the experience in a few words: "It's been a lot of fun. It is stressful and requires a lot of work, but it is well worth it!"
Plans for the future: "I plan to attend law school next year."

 Name: Robert Sonnenfelt
Year: Junior
Major: Political Science
Why you joined Mock Trial: "It was required for a class, and after going through a couple competitions, I found that I was having a lot of fun with it. After finishing that class, I decided that I would join and continue with the team."
Describe the experience in a few words: "Mock Trial can be very challenging at times, but that challenge is ultimately very rewarding. In addition to familiarizing myself with courtroom procedure, I have improved and gained more confidence in my public speaking and presentation skills while participating in an intellectually stimulating, fun program."
Plans for the future: "After completing my undergraduate degree, I plan to attend law school."

Name: Brian Greivenkamp
Year: Junior
Major: English/Legal Studies
Why you joined Mock Trial: "I thought it would be something that I would be good at and I love to compete against other legal students."
Describe the experience in a few words: "Beautiful chaos."
Plans for the future: "Another year of mock trial and then law school."

Name: Madeleine Smith
Year: Sophomore
Major: Business
Why you joined Mock Trial: "I knew it would be a great experience and I would learn so much by actually diving in and participating."
Describe the experience in a few words: "I have gained new friends, confidence, and a lot of knowledge."
Plans for the future: "I plan to continue doing mock trial until I graduate. I plan to attend law school in the fall of 2014."

Name: Elizabeth Washam
Year: Senior
Major: English/Legal Studies cert.
Why you joined Mock Trial: "Requirement for the Trial Advocacy class."
Describe the experience in a few words: "Mock trial has been a fun and educational experience for me. I enjoyed spending time with the mock trial team but also learned a great deal about the trial advocacy process."
Plans for the future: "My plans for the future are to graduate this upcoming May and then begin attending SLU Law School in the fall."

Name: Jasna Dubo
Year: 4th year on the team
Major: Pre-Law: English and Legal Studies, Philosophy minor
Why you joined Mock Trial: "I like the competitive environment that enables me to learn more about our legal system."
Describe the experience: "My time with SLU mock has been filled with trips, friendships and moments I will always remember. It truly was a great experience."
Plans for the future: "The real thing - law school and possibly something in the field of international or corporate law."

Name: Jacqueline Simon
Year: Sophomore
Major: Political Science, Legal Studies with Minor in Spanish
Why you joined Mock Trial: "I had been on my high school mock trial team and promised myself that I would try something new in college. I joined many other clubs but curiosity got the better of me and I had to come meet the coach and see what SLU mock trial was like. Luckily for me this was one of the best decisions I made."
Describe the experience: "Being a part of SLU mock trial has been a lot of work. We are always practicing and we rarely have any weekends off once competition starts. But it's the hard work that makes mock trial fun. It always feels great when you walk into a tournament with friends, give it your all and then get rewarded for your efforts!"
Plans for the future: "Eventually I would like to go to law school."



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