Saint Louis University

Pre-Law Mock Trial TeamSaint Louis University's mock trial team has been competing nationally for 24 years. It is a great way for you to receive hands-on trial practice experience.

Joining the Mock Trial Team

Mock trial can be taken as a lecture class (PLS 3100: Introduction to Trial Advocacy) for two credit hours. Additionally students must register for the lab component (PLS 3200: Introduction to Trial Advocacy Lab), which can be taken for two credit hours.

Students who have previously taken at least four credit hours of mock trial may only sign up for the lab for 0-2 credit hours. Participants can choose to be a part of the team for one semester or two. However, the coaches strongly recommend participation for the full year.

For more information on joining SLU's mock trial team, contact Lynn Kostadine.

Mock Trial Tournaments

During the fall semester the participants receive a packet of information — the case — containing witness affidavits, evidence, charges, case law, rules of evidence, and mock trial rules. The class is divided into teams of between six and eight people. The students prepare for their roles as attorneys and witnesses.

The teams then compete in invitational and regional tournaments organized by the American Mock Trial Association. During each tournament there are four rounds. Each team will argue as the plaintiff twice and the defendant twice. During a round, three students will play the role of attorneys and three students will play the role of witnesses. The scores are added up and the team with the most points wins the ballot. The team with the most ballots at the end of the tournament wins.

I really enjoy mock trial. I think it is one of the best aspects of the Office of Pre-Health & Pre-Law Studies. I get to compete, meet new people, and network in the legal community, while also upgrading the skills that I have been working on.

Deionna - sophomore, psychology . View additional pre-law student testimonials