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Pre-Law Scholars Course Requirements for '17 and Later Graduates

Click here to view a proposed timeline for completing the program for students graduating in 2017 or later. 

All of These Courses

PLS 100 Introduction to Law (2)
PLS 200 Intro to Legal Research & Writing OR PLS 210 Introduction to Legal Analysis (3)
PLS 405 Foundations of Law (3)
PLS 410 Legal Internships (3)

One of the five courses listed below (3)
ECON 190 Principles of Economics
PHIL 406 Logic for the Pre-Professional
PHIL 404 Symbolic Logic
PHIL 433 Philosophy of Law
ACCT 220 Financial Accounting

One of the following electives (3)
Students are encouraged to choose an elective course that relates to their undergraduate major
Allied Health Majors
HIM 310 Medico-Legal Aspects
Business & Economics Majors
MGT 218 Legal Environment of Business I
MGT 428 Legal Environment of Business II
MGT 330 Negotiations and Conflict Resolution
MGT 424 Legal Issues in Sports and Entertainment
MGT 425 Intercollegiate Athletics Management
ECON 412 Law and Economics
Communications Majors
CMM 305 Argumentation and Debate
CMM 409 Theories of Persuasion
CMM 442 Freedom of Expression
Criminal Justice & Sociology Majors
CCJ 330 Corporate & White Collar Crime
CCJ 400 Field Work Practicum
CCJ 405 Criminal Law and Procedure
Engineering & the Sciences Majors
PLS 350 Environmental Law
PLS 375 Law for Engineers and Scientists
English Majors
ENGL 302 Rhetoric, Reasoning & Law
ENGL 393 Law and Literature
History Majors
HIST 339 History of English Law
HIST 370 Constitutional and Legal History of the United States
Philosophy Majors
PHIL 343 Philosophy of Law
Political Science Majors
POLS 210 American Constitution
POLS 211 American Constitution: Civil Liberties
POLS 310 Judicial Politics
POLS 313 Civil Liberties & Civil Rights
POLS 317 The Legislative Process
POLS 342 Administrative Law
POLS 364 International Law
POLS 493 Judicial Review and American Democracy
Psychology Majors
PSY 448 Psychology and Law
Social Work Majors
SWRK 302 American Social Welfare System
SWRK 711 Social Work and the Law

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