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Courses Offered Through the Office of Pre-Health & Pre-Law Studies

PPHS 1000 - Foundations of Medicine is a one-credit hour lecture-based course designed especially for first year students to provide them with an overview of the pre-professional studies, the preparation for professional health school admission and the medical profession. Throughout the course, the class will explore a continual self-evaluation of personal motivation to enter into the health profession, medical school admission requirements and procedures, the academic coursework at both the undergraduate and professional school levels, the residency training of the physician, the typical routines of a medical practice and other issues affecting the training of a medical doctor. This course is offered in the spring semester.

PPHS 1020 - Introduction to the Helping Professions is a two-credit hour course for students who are exploring options outside of the practice of medicine. Various helping professions are examined in depth, among those covered include: athletic training, clinical laboratory science, communication science and disorders, nursing, nutrition and dietetics, occupational science, physical therapy, physicians assistant, psychology, public health, radiation therapy, counseling and social work. Faculty members and other professionals are invited to the class to provide an opportunity for students to gain a greater understanding of their specialties. This course is offered in the spring semester.

PPHS 2000 - Introduction to Medical Research Class is a two-credit lecture-based course designed to introduce undergraduate students to clinical research in an academic medical setting via lectures and group work. Throughout the course, the class will address a range of topics including medical ethics, research modalities and tools in evaluating studies. Attending emergency medicine faculty from the SLU Hospital, will teach the course. The class will look at how clinical research, and the application of evidenced based medicine is used to change treatment standards in patient care. Student should have completed two semesters of premedical coursework, have a 3.0 overall and math/science GPA and attain the permission of the Office of Pre-Health & Pre-Law Studies to be eligible to participate in this class. This course is typically offered in the fall semester. You may register through banner for this course on your own.

PPHS 2010- Introduction to Medical Research Lab is a two-credit course that allows students to work under the auspices of a primary investigator and participate in a clinical research project. The project may include, and is not limited to, retrospective chart reviews, case reports, and prospective clinical trials. Or, as the case may be, students will assimilate data and background research for case studies, which may be submitted for publication in a recognized, medical peer reviewed journal. Expected commitment is 4 hours per week, times will be flexible. The lab will typically be offered in the spring and fall semesters. Students must have completed PPHS 200, Introduction to Medical Research class prior to enrolling in this lab. Click here for application

**HCE 4240 - Geriatric Medicine Internship is a three-credit hour course which consists of three parts: a companion and volunteer program, medical rounds and a classroom component. The criteria for participating in the Geriatric Medicine Internship are as follows: must be participating in the pre-health, physical therapy or social work programs and curricula, must be in or have completed second full year of study, must have a 3.0 overall and math/science GPA, and must have some shadowing or volunteer experience in a clinical setting. This course is offered in the spring and fall semesters.  Click here for application

**PPHS 3930 - Introduction to Medical School is a two-credit hour course designed to introduce undergraduate students who have been accepted or anticipate being accepted to medical school in the next two years, to concepts which will assist them in their transition to medical school. Students will gain insight into what it takes to succeed as a first year medical student through guest lectures from the Saint Louis University School of Medicine. Students will have the unique opportunity to participate in suture, laparoscopy, and simulation labs as well. These future medical students will gain the knowledge, skills and tools which help with their transition into medical school and learn about career opportunities and different specialties in medicine. This class promises to be helpful in preparing seniors for medical school; however, this class should also be a great option for juniors taking the MCAT in the spring. The course offers a lighter course-load while providing some hands-on opportunities during class time. Students must be completing the pre-medical curriculum, be in their final two years of study, and have a math/science and cumulative GPA of 3.0 to apply. This class is offered in the spring semester. Click here for application. 

**INTN 4910-01 - The Center for Advanced Dental Education (CADE) Internship is a 60-hour internship available for pre-dental students. The criteria for starting an Internship are as follows: must be declared pre-health with an interest in pre-dental, must be in or have completed introductory biology and chemistry courses, and must have a 3.0 overall and science GPA. This one credit hour internship is offered in the summer, fall and spring semesters.  Click here for application

**SOC 3930-10/PSYC 3930-10 - Health and the Social Sciences is a four-credit hour course designed to enhance students' readiness to practice and apply evidence-based reasoning and critical thinking in the social sciences (i.e. psychology and sociology) in relation to U.S. and global health services, concerns, and practices. The course will equip students with an initial "tool kit" that will enhance their immediate and future capacities to identify alternative solutions to seemingly intractable problems in health, healthcare and medicine. Must have completed PSY 1010 and SOC 1100 (AP accepted) and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 

**These courses require an application to be submitted. The application can be obtained by submitting the on-line application (click on the links at the end of each course description) or stopping by Verhaegen 105. Applications are typically due by the first day of student registration. All applications will be reviewed by the Office of Pre-Health & Pre-Law Studies, and all applicants will be informed of whether their application has been accepted. Our office will then register the students for the courses, due to the restrictions on self-registration in Banner.

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