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The Pre-Professional Health Studies Office at Saint Louis University (SLU) advises undergraduate students who plan to pursue careers in medicine, dentistry, optometry, podiatry and veterinary medicine. 

Health professional schools are highly interested in students who have outstanding academic achievement and are well-rounded in their co-curricular involvement. Pre-Health Advisors offer customized assistance and support to help each individual student make informed decisions in course planning, securing relevant experience and service opportunities, overcoming obstacles and navigating the application process.

First Year Students

  • Medical Scholars

Freshmen Medical Scholars have a primary Academic Advisor in the Office of Pre-Professional Health Studies. At the end of their freshman year, Medical Scholars will receive a primary Academic Advisor in the college or school that houses their major; they also receive faculty mentors in their major/minor courses of study. Pre-professional Health Studies continues to serve in a secondary advising capacity from this point forward.
When students first enter Saint Louis University as pre-professional health students, they will meet with a primary Academic Advisor in the college/school of their intended major. It is important for pre-professional health students to clearly articulate their goals with their primary Academic Advisor, so that they can discuss coursework which will help the student best prepare for application to professional health school.  At the conclusion of their freshman year students may receive secondary advising in the Office of Pre-professional Health Studies. Our staff serve as secondary advisors to pre-professional health students; advising includes discussion of pre-health coursework, shadowing/volunteer opportunities and other preparations for applying to professional school.

  • Traditional Students

Students are encouraged to use their first year to discuss their goals with their Academic Advisor to discover which major aligns with their interests.  Students taking a non-science major are encouraged to pursue a minor in biology.  We strongly encourage first year students to enroll in PPHS 100 - Foundations of Medicine during the spring semester of their first year.  This elective class helps students gain an understanding of the pre-health undergraduate experience, as well as what they can do to best prepare themselves for application to professional health school.  It is also beneficial for first year students to join the Pre-Health Club to meet other students with similar interests and gain greater insight about the profession.

 Check out a document that may address some pre-med questions or concerns.

  • Transfer Students

Transfer students will meet with their primary Academic Advisor within the college/school that houses their major.  They are also strongly encouraged to contact the Office of Pre-Professional Health Studies, prior to the start of classes, to ensure that their program of study is tailored to their specific needs.  Transfer students are also encouraged to join the Pre-Health Club to network other pre-health students and obtain experiences that will better help them prepare for professional health school.

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