Saint Louis University

Sophomore Year

  • Participate in the Pre-Health Committee on Evaluations Process 
  • Interview with the Saint Louis University School of Medicine 

Junior Year

  • Complete the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS), applying exclusively to Saint Louis University School of Medicine 
  • Take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) in the spring or summer before senior year

(The School of Medicine adheres to the guidelines of the Association of American Medical Colleges in regard to the Americans with Disabilities Act. Please refer to "Who is Eligible to Apply" - item 4 Technical Standards for Admission to the School of Medicine.)

When would I find out whether or not I was accepted to medical school?
You may receive a provisional acceptance to Saint Louis University School of Medicine by early summer before your junior year. Students are accepted for the year that begins immediately following completion of their undergraduate degree.

Please note: If a Medical Scholar who has been accepted into Saint Louis University School of Medicine decides to apply to other medical schools, this early acceptance will be withdrawn. If such a student then wishes to be reconsidered for admission, he or she must follow the regular application process for Saint Louis University School of Medicine.

Does a Medical Scholar have to attain a minimum score on the MCAT?
Your score does not affect admission. As a Medical Scholar, though, you are expected to achieve your highest possible score on the MCAT.


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