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Important Links from Sessions at the 2013 National Conference on Prison Higher Education 

Prison Higher Ed List Serve - This group discussion focuses on post-secondary education programs in prisons, whether accredited or not. The group insists that incarcerated students be respected and listened to as people. There is a wide variety of attitudes and assumptions in this group. The group intends to discuss our own differences in a respectful manner.  Please Join!

Creating the Prison Classroom: From Policy to Practice
Federal Interagency Reentry Council, Reentry Mythbusters, The CSG Justice Center, 2013.


Fowler, Donna and Michelle Towlbert. Take Charge of Your Future: Get the Education and Training You Need. US Department of Education, Office of Vocational and Adult Education, July 2012.

Office of Vocational and Adult Education. Contributions of Community Colleges to Successful Reentry. Community College Webinar Series, US Department of Education 2013.

Office of Vocational and Adult Education, Partnerships Between Community Colleges and Prisons: Providing Workforce Education and Training to Reduce Recidivism, US Department of Education, March 2009.

United States Department of Education. Reentry Education Model, Supporting Education and Career Advancement for Low-Skill Individuals in Corrections 2012.

Funding a Prison Education Program

The asks.chart is a tool for tracking asks from individuals or foundations.

Navigating the Funding World - A Power Point presentation from Bridget Flood, Executive Director of the Incarnate Word Foundation, with advice for engaging potential funders.

Provident Case Development Form - The Case Development Form (from Heather Rich, VP for Development at Provident, Inc.) is a tool for developing a case and background information when developing your project. 

Putting All The Pieces Together - An outline from Lisa Masters (Development Officer at the SLU School for Professional Studies) of the many pieces of working with individual donors.

Sample Multi-Year Budget - A sample multi-year budget, appropriate for both internal and external use.

Plenary Discussion: The Future of the National Prison Education Movement

Towards A Framework for a National Prison Education Organization - Notes from the group discussion on possible future national organization/coalition of Prison Higher Education organizations.