Saint Louis University

Third Annual Conference on Higher Education in Prison
Saint Louis University Prison Program
Saint Louis, MO
April 26-28, 2013

The Saint Louis University Prison Program hosted the Third Annual National Conference on Higher Education in Prison (April 26-28, 2013); the central focus of the conference was "Building and Sustaining Programs". This recently established annual conference is an occasion for college-in-prison program leaders scattered across the United States to meet and strategize with the intent of promoting and implementing higher education curricula in prisons across the country. The conference brings together academics and activists from across the country to meet and strategize about how to sustain and increase higher education experiences (for-credit and non-credit) in correctional facilities in the United States. Conference panels will include discussion of: pedagogy, post-release/reentry issues, fund-raising challenges, and the various models of education programs around the country.

Conference events took place at the Manresa Center, a university-owned retreat space, located minutes away from the campus of Saint Louis University in mid-town St. Louis.

Information on presentations, proceedings, and follow-up is available here.

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To view a schedule of events, click here. Also available: conference materials, information on presenters, and information on conference participants.