Saint Louis University

The Saint Louis University Prison Program offers an Associates of Arts degree to members of Missouri's prison community through the College of Arts and Sciences.

SLU faculty delivers courses on site at the Eastern Reception, Diagnostic, and Correctional Center (ERDCC) to both DOC staff and incarcerated people. Students complete 61 credit hours from courses that reflect the core curriculum of the College of Arts and Sciences. Students take 5 courses annually, and will complete the A.A. degree in approximately 4 years.

The SLU Prison Program operates at no cost to participants: the program purchases books and supplies for students and reimburses faculty for their travel to and from St. Louis; the SLU College of Arts and Sciences supports the salaries for faculty to teach in the program; and the University covers the tuition for all students. Students in the SLU-PP receive the same instruction, in the same classes, from the same faculty members as students on the St. Louis campus.

Curriculum for the Associate of Arts Degree


ENGL 1500 The Process of Composition
ENGL 1900 Advanced Strategies of Rhetoric & Research

FINE ARTS (one of these:)

ART 2000 Drawing I
ARTH 1000 Approaching the Arts
MUSC 1100 Music Fundamentals
THR 1500 Introduction to Theatre


(One 2000-level English course:)

ENGL 2020 Introduction to Literary Study
ENGL 2400 Introduction to Drama
ENGL 2600 Introduction to Short Fiction

(One 3000- or 4000-level English course:)

ENGL 3050 Creative Writing: Poetry
ENGL 3060 Creative Writing: Fiction
ENGL 3280 American Literary Traditions after 1865
ENGL 4000 Business and Professional Writing


(Two 3-hour courses in the natural sciences:)

BIOL 1010 Essentials of Biology
BIOL 1140 Our Living Environment
EAS 1070 Understanding the Weather
PHYS 1010 Physics and the World Around Us


MATH 1200 College Algebra*
(*or higher course number)


HIST 1100 Origins to 1500
HIST 1120 1500 to Present


PHIL 1050 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 2050 Ethics

(And one 3000-level course:)

PHIL 3300 Philosophy of the Human Person
PHIL 3360 Medical Ethics


THEO 1000 Theological Foundations

(And one 2000-level course:)

THEO 2110 Old Testament
THEO 2200 New Testament
THEO 2710 Religions of the World
THEO 2715 Jerusalem: Three Faiths, One City

(And one 3000-level course:)

THEO 3900 Seeking God: A History
ASTD 3500 Religion & American Culture


CMM 1200 Public Speaking

(And two courses:)

CMM 2300 Intergroup Dialogue
CMM 1000 Human Communication and Culture
ECON 1900 Principles of Economics
POLS 1000 Introduction to Politics
POLS 1100 Introduction to American Government
PSY 1010 General Psychology
SOC 1100 Introduction to Sociology
SOC 1200 Introduction to Anthropology


(Any additional course from above or one of these:)

ASTD 1000 Investigating America
ASTD 2600 American Places


AS 4960 Capstone course

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