May 04, 2013

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Professional Notes: April 2013

JIN HUANG, PH.D. (Social Work) authored a paper, "Asset Opportunity For the Poor: An Asset-Based Agenda Toward Inclusive Growth in China," that was published in China Journal of Social Work 6(1), 40-51. He also authored a paper, "Intergenerational Transmission of Educational Attainment," that was published in Economics of Education Review, 33 (April) 112-123.

JODY WOOD, ED.D. (Education) presented a juried session, "Implementing the Standards with a focus on Outcomes," at the Show Me Conference on March 18 in Columbia, Mo. Also, she and DENNIS LEA, ED.D. (Education) co-authored "Preparing Missouri School Business in Terms of ASBO International Standards," which was published in Teaching to Lead (6), 2. P. 6-7.

NIKKI MURDICK, PH.D. (Education) presented on "Supporting Students with Cornelia de Lange Syndrome," at the Council for Exceptional Children Convention in San Antonio, Texas, and served as guest editor for a special edition of the Journal of Education and Teaching in Autism and Development Disabilities, which is set to be published in summer 2013.

SUSAN TEBB, PH.D. (Social Work) presented on "Laughter Yoga," at the Hospice of Southern Illinois Caregiver Conference on April 13 in Collinsville, Ill.

IK-WHAN KWON, PH.D. (Supply Chain Management) co-authored "Affects of Transaction Cost and Social Exchange Constructs on Trust In Supply Chain Relationship" that ran in the Journal of Transportation Research, Vol. 19 (No.1) in Korea. He also co-authored "Product Safety and Supply Chain Management: Agenda for Future Research," which ran in the IEEE PSE Product Safety Engineering Newsletter, Vol. 9 (1); 7 - 16.

ANASTASIOS KABURAKIS, PH.D. (Management) co-authored "College Athlete Representations in Sports Video Games," which ran in the Journal of Issues in Intercollegiate Athletics, Vol. 6, Iss. 1, 57-80. He recently also wrapped up a research trilogy on intellectual property, rights of publicity, NCAA amateurism, student-athletes likenesses and the video-game industry. Research updates can be found online

JEAN-LOUIS PAUTROT, PH.D. (French) published a book, Pascal Quignard with Gallimard-Grasset in Paris. The book is an introduction to the works of Quignard that he was invited to write by the Institut Français (the cultural branch of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs) for their collection on contemporary Francophone writers. It also contains a CD of interviews.

The Uni Bamberg's press office interviewed EVELYN MEYER, PH.D. (German) as a guest scholar. A link to the interview, which was conducted in German, is available online

KARA MCBRIDE, PH.D. (Spanish) presented a poster, "Do L2 Learners' Beliefs about Linguistic Relativity Affect Their L2 Development?" at the American Association of Applied Linguistics conference in Dallas on March 19.

ALEC POLLARD, PH.D. (Family and Community Medicine) received the Member of Distinction Award from the national Anxiety and Depression Association of America.

ROBERT WILMOTT, M.D. (Pediatrics) presented the 2013 Otto Wolff Lecture, "Towards a Cure for the Lung Disease of Cystic Fibrosis," at the University College London Institute of Child Health. He also presented a talk, "What We Learned in Medical School: What Was Valuable and What Was Less Than Valuable" at the Royal Brompton Hospital in London.

KATHLEEN LLEWELLYN, PH.D. (French) presented a paper "The News in the Pews: Talking in Church and Other Early Modern Social Networks" at the Renaissance Society of America conference in San Diego, Calif., on April 6.

ANNIE SMART, PH.D. (French) published an article, "Re-reading Nature and Otherness in Chateaubriand's Voyage en Amerique: A Case for the Biophilia Effect," in Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture, vol. 42 (Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2014): 123-146.

LAURA MCLAUGHLIN, PH.D. (Nursing) was quoted by Advance for Nurses magazine about how taste problems in cancer survivors affects eating.

NORMA METHENY, PH.D. (Nursing) was quoted by Advance for Nurses magazine about aspiration.

CYNTHIA LEROUGE, PH.D. (Health Management and Policy) revised and updated "Chapter 1: Introduction to Project Management" in the book Introduction to Project Management. It has been published online

SCOTT SAFRANSKI, PH.D. (Management) was a presenter panelist at the annual meeting of the Higher Learning Commission April 5-9 in Chicago. He presented on the commission's new criteria for accreditation at two sessions for new peer-reviewers and one session for university presidents and CEOs.

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