April 03, 2013

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Professional Notes: February/March 2013

The paintings of AMY BAUTZ (Fine and Performing Arts) received a positive review in the St. Louis Jewish Light

DOROTHY BECVAR, PH.D. (Social Work) authored and presented an intensive course titled, "Overview and Introduction to Family Therapy" at the World Congress of the International Family Therapy Association held in Orlando, Fla.

At the newly inaugurated St. Louis Theatre Circle Awards, the award for Outstanding Actress in a Drama was given to NANCY BELL (Fine and Performing Arts) for her performance in Clybourne Park at the Repertory Theatre of St. Louis. The organization making the awards, known as the Louies, is made up of critics who review live, professional theater in St. Louis. These critics may also review touring shows (such as those that play the Fox and the Peabody) or community and college productions. The Louies are designed to honor excellence in professional theater by theatre artists who created their work in St. Louis in 2012. About 100 shows were staged here last year, in venues as large as the Muny and as intimate as rehabbed churches.

Research about peony pollination by PETER BERNHARDT, PH.D. (Biology) was featured in the Journal of Pollination Ecology

VINCENT CASAREGOLA, PH.D. (English) presented an invited lecture on representations of France in WW II to The Wednesday Club of St. Louis on Feb. 27.

ROBERT COLE, PH.D. (Education) was awarded the Innovative Teaching Fellowship by the Reinert Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning (CTTL). He will teach in the CTTL Learning Studio in the spring of 2014 after redesigning his Methods of Technology Integration course during the fall.

ALEX CUENCA, PH.D. (Education) was a panelist in the session, "Complexifying Supervision: An Informal Dialogue" at the annual meeting of the Association of Teacher Educators in Atlanta and was selected as a member of a national task force to revise the "Standards for Field Experiences in Teacher Education" by the Association of Teacher Educators. He also presented the following:

"Representations of Student Teaching: A Policy Analysis" at the annual meeting of the American Association of College of Teacher Education in Orlando, Fla.

"Reading Community More Closely: Questioning Communities of Practice in Teacher Education" at the annual meeting of the American Association of College of Teacher Education in Orlando, Fla.

Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics: A Journal of Qualitative Research, edited by JAMES DUBOIS, PH.D., D.SC. (Gnaegi Center for Health Care Ethics) received the Honorable Mention (2nd place) for Best New Journal of 2012 in Science, Technology and Medicine from the PROSE Awards.

SUSAN EVERSON, PH.D. (Education) presented "Effective School Leaders: An Approach to Change Management," at the second annual St. Louis Education Summit.

JIN HUANG, PH.D. (Social Work) presented "An Experimental Test of Child Development Accounts on Early Social-Emotional Development" at the Research Symposium of Restoring Household Financial Stability After the Great Recession: Why Household Balance Sheets Matter Feb. 5-7, in St. Louis. The symposium was sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis and the Center for Social Development at Washington University in St. Louis. The presentation was mentioned in an article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. He also published the following papers, "Financial Knowledge and Child Development Account Policy: A Test of Financial Capability," and "Early Program Enrollment in a Statewide Child Development Account Program," which were both published in the Journal of Policy Practice, 12(1), 62-81.

ANASTASIOS KABURAKIS, PH.D. (Marketing) co-authored the paper "Legal and Corruption Issues in Sports Gambling," which ran in the Journal of Legal Aspects of Sport, 23, 8-35.

DON LINHORST, PH.D. (Social Work) authored the article "Rearrest and Probation Violation Outcomes Among Probationers Participating in a Jail-Based Substance Abuse Treatment Program Used as an Intermediate Sanction" that was published in the Journal of Offender Rehabilitation, 51(8), 519-540.

KARA MCBRIDE, PH.D. (Spanish) presented a paper, "Do the Folks Believe That They Can Speak Their Way into Interculturality?" at the Perspectives on Interculturality Conference held by the Center for Intercultural Studies at Saint Louis University Feb. 28-March 1.

EVELYN MEYER, PH.D. (German) has published an article, "Visual and Narrative Distortion of Nordic and German Source Materials in Edel's Adaptation of the Nibelungenlied "Die Nibelungen-Der Fluch des Drachens"/"Dark Kingdom — The Dragon King" (2004)" Studia Neophilologica 85:1 (2013) 1-20.

NIKKI MURDICK, PH.D. (Education) authored and presented the following works:

Special Education Law (3rd ed.), which will be published by Upper Saddle River, N.J., and is scheduled for printing as of May 2013.

"Cornelia de Lange Syndrome: Educational Implications," which she presented at the Division on Autism and Developmental Disabilities Conference, in Kona, Hawaii, on January, 2013

"The Perfect Place to Read: Encouraging the Love of Reading at Camp," which was published in Camping Magazine, 86 (2), 40-45.

"Reading at Camp: Outcomes of a Summer Reading Program at Sherwood Forest Camp," which she presented at the American Camp Association National Conference in Dallas, Texas.

She also presented on the panel for "Reading and Summer Learning Loss: One Camp's Response" to this issue for the American Camp Association National Conference in Dallas, Texas.

KAREN MYERS, PH.D. (Education) was included in Online Schools Missouri's "Top 21 Education Professors in Missouri." She also presented the following:

"Accessible Spaces, Programs, Documents, Presentations, and Websites: Step-by-Step," at the ACPA annual convention, in Las Vegas, NV on March 5.

"Professional Competency Areas in Graduate Preparation Programs Institute," at the ACPA annual convention, in Las Vegas, NV on March 6.

"Allies for Inclusion: The Ability Exhibit Workshop Edition," at the Division of Autism and Developmental Disabilities annual conference, in Kona, Hawaii in January.

TAKOKO NOMI, PH.D. (Education) authored "A Double-dose of Algebra," which was published in Education Next for the winter 2013 issue.

JUAN ONESIMO SANDOVAL, PH.D. (Sociology and Anthropology) gave a lecture titled, "Racial Formation of the Hispanic/Latino Identity in the U.S." on March 15 at the Missouri History Museum.

JEAN-LOUIS PAUTROT, PH.D. (French) was invited to give a presentation on the French writer Pascal Quignard, by the Cercle de lecture of the Alliance Française of St. Louis Feb. 28. Pautrot's presentation was followed by a group discussion of Quignard's novel Villa Amalia (2006).

CLAUDE PAVUR, S.J., (Classics) has produced and posted several editions of Latin translations at academia.edu: Johann Joachim Gottlob am Ende's Latin Translation of Pope's Essay on Man; Giovanni Costa's Latin Translation of Alexander Pope's Essay on Man: A Bilingual Edition; William Dobson's Latin Translation of John Milton's Paradise Lost, Book I: A Bilingual Edition; The Hippocratic Oath in Three Latin Versions; The Hippocratic Oath in Latin (with an original English translation). He has also written and posted on the same site a short note titled "The Origins of the Written Gospel in the Activity of Jesus of Nazareth."

KEVIN SCANNELL, PH.D. (Mathematics) will appear as part of a panel at the famous South-by-Southwest Conference to discuss his work on Indigenous Tweets

YAN SUN, PH.D. (Accounting), coauthored the paper, "Shareholder Activism and Earnings Management Incentives: An Empirical Examination of Shareholder Proposals," which won the Journal of International Financial Management and Accounting (JIFMA) best paper award at the IAAER (International Association of Accounting Education and Research) conference in Germany.

SUSAN TEBB, PH.D. (Social Work) presented "Caring for the Whole Student (And Maybe Even Yourself)" at the Reinert Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning in January and February at Saint Louis University. She also presented "Developing Self-care Plans for Personal and Professional Use: Evidence-based Stress Management" at the Catholic Charities St. Louis CE on Feb. 13.

JONI THANAVARO, DNP (Nursing) will be inducted as a Fellow of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (FAANP) on June 20 in Las Vegas.

WILLIAM TYLER (Communication) was recently inducted into the St. Louis Media Halls of Fame

JOHN ZHAO, PH.D. (International Business) co-authored a paper that was published in Management International Review titled "Antecedents to Government Relationship Building and the Institutional Contingencies in a Transition Economy." This research is supported partially by Strategic Research Grant (Project No. 7002053) from City University of Hong Kong and by the 2008-2009 Summer Research Grant from John Cook School of Business.

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