February 02, 2013

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Professional Notes: January 2013

CYNTHIA LEROUGE, PH.D. (Health Management and Policy) attended the Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS 2013), where she was the co-chair of the Health Care Mini-track. Additionally, LeRouge participated in a referred conference proceeding at HICSS 2013 titled "Project Initiation for Telemedicine Service Under the Lens of Alternative Business Models."

LARRY SCHMIDT, PH.D. (English as a Second Language) and DIANA PASCOE, PH.D. (English as a Second Language) will present at the ACS Athens: Learning Differences Conference, April 18-20, as institute leaders and workshop presenters. 

CLAUDE PAVUR, S.J. (Classics) has published glosses for all the adjectival phrases in Horace's Odes, Easy on the Odes: A Latin Phrase-Book for the Odes of Horace. It is available at the Latin Teaching Materials Website and on academia.edu. A talk given by Pavur at Gonzaga in September of 2011, "Defining Jesuit Education," has been revised and published online at academia.edu. 

EVELYN MEYER, PH.D. (German) presented on parts of her ongoing research at the Zentrum für Mittelalterstudien at the Otto-Friedrich-Universität-Bamberg. The presentation was called "Schwankende Schönheit: Eine religiöse Umakzentuierung Sigunes, Kundries und Repanses in den Text-Bild Gestaltungen in Wolframs von Eschenbach Parzival."

KATHLEEN LLEWELLYN, PH.D. (French) has published an article, "Equal Opportunity Vengeance in the Heptaméron of Marguerite de Navarre," in Crime and Punishment in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Age: Mental-Historical Investigations of Basic Human Problems and Social Responses. Eds. Albrecht Classen and Connie Scarborough. Berlin and Boston: De Gruyter, 2012. 415-35.

YELENA BELYAEVA-STRANDEN, PH.D. (Russian) presented a paper "Miracle-working icons of the Mother of God in Russian Orthodoxy" Jan. 4 at the 2013 Annual conference of the American Association of East European Languages in Boston.

MORRIS KALLINY, PH.D. (Marketing) won the second best research paper award at the third International Islamic Marketing conference in Cairo, Egypt. The title of the paper is "The Impact of Cultural and Religious Animosity on Product Evaluation and Purchase Intention: Development and Testing the Model."

ROBERT PASKEN, PH.D. (Earth and Atmospheric Sciences) and the QuantumWeather team, provided at the request of the Missouri Governor's office, forecasts for Missouri's inauguration day festivities. The Governors Office wanted to insure that they could cover all contingencies for the event including travel hazards for people traveling over the weekend to Jefferson City and for the cold weather during the inauguration ceremonies. Quantumweather is a collaborative project between Saint Louis University and Ameren Corporation.

MARLA BERG-WEGER, PH.D. (Social Work) just published a book titled Social Work and Social Welfare. An invitation. New York: Routledge 2013.

JIN HUANG, PH.D. (Social Work) was the first author on the article, "Early program enrollment in a statewide child development account program." The article was published in the Journal of Policy Practice, Vol. 12, Issue 1, Pp. 62-81. He also presented, "Financial knowledge and child development account policy: A test of financial capability," and "Financial incentives and participation in 529 college savings plan: Evidence from a statewide randomized experiment," at the 17th annual conference of Society for Social Work and Research in San Diego on Jan. 16-20.

JULIE BIRKENMAIER, PH.D. (Social Work) and JAMI CURLEY PH.D. (Social Work) presented "Making Visible the Credit Building Impact of IDA Programming," at the Society for Social Work Research Annual Conference in San Diego, Calif. They also edited Financial Capability and Asset Development: Research, Education, Policy and Practice. New York: Oxford University Press

Birkenmaier authored "Promoting bank accounts to low-income households: Implications for social work practice," that was published in the Journal of Community Practice, 20(4), 414-431. She also co-authored two chapters in "Building the Capacity of Social Workers to Enhance Financial Capability." She also co-authored, "The Role of Social in Financial Capability: Shaping Curricular Approaches." Both were published in the Financial Capability and Asset Development: Research, Education, Policy and Practice.

RONALD REBORE, PH.D. (Education) published the 2nd edition of his book, The Ethics of Educational Leadership. The publisher is Pearson, Inc.

NIKKI MURDICK, PH.D. (Education) presented "Cornelia de Lange Syndrome: Educational Implications at the Division on Autism and Developmental Disabilities Conference" in Kona, Hawaii.

NANCY BELL (Theatre) received two nominations for St. Louis Theatre Circle Awards. For her work onstage, she was nominated as Best Actor in a Drama in Clybourne Park at the Repertory Theatre of St. Louis. As a playwright, her play, The New World, which was produced by the Shakespeare Festival St. Louis, was nominated as Best Original Play. Winners will be announced in March. Elsewhere, a play she co-wrote with Peter Grandbois, titled The Call, was selected to be produced as part of the Theatre Roulette Festival in Columbus, Ohio.

RUTH GROFF, PH.D. (Political Science) and John Greco, Ph.D. (Philosophy) published a co-edited book, Powers and Capacities in Philosophy: The New Aristotelianism (Routledge, December 2012).

CHRISTOPHER WITKO, PH.D. (Political Science) was awarded a $192,163 grant from the Russell Sage Foundation. The project, "Campaign Funding, Political Rhetoric, and the Public (Non)Response to Rising Inequality," is likely to have a major impact on our understanding of why the public has tolerated rising inequality over the last few decades.

The Reinert Center for Transformative Teaching & Learning (CTTL) is pleased to announce the publication of A Guide for Beginning Teachers, an e-book from JAMES KORN, PH.D. (Psychology), MARY STEPHEN, PH.D. (Educational Studies), and Jason Sikorski, Ph.D. Both Korn and Stephen both have a rich history with the Center.

SRIDHAR CONDOOR, PH.D. (Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering) and his graduate student Greg Keogh of Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology received the Excellence Award at the 2013 Kern Entrepreneurship Education Network (KEEN) annual conference. This marks the third straight year Parks College has received an award from the KEEN Foundation at their annual conference.

Allies for Inclusion: the Ability Exhibit was selected by the Commission for Student Involvement to receive the Program of the Year award from the Department of Education.

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