June 30, 2012

University Communications

Professional Notes: June 2012

DENISE HOOKS-ANDERSON, M.D. (family and community medicine) has been named the new medical accuracy editor for The St. Louis American. The latest edition features a commentary on changing the nation.

DENNIS LEA, Ed.D. (education) and JODY WOOD, Ed.D. (education) co-authored and article titled "Distributed Leadership: Promoting Better Decision Making." The article is featured on www.asbointl.org as well in the School Business Affairs journal. He also has been awarded a U.S. Department of Education scholarship to attend a one week workshop in Quasi-Experimental Design in Education Research at Northwestern University in August 2012.

DOUG RUSH, J.D., PH.D. (education) published an article titled "What's So Significant About Statistical Significance," and was featured in the Spring 2012 edition of the American Statistical Association's The Statistical Teacher Network publication.

JIN HUANG, PH.D. (social work) published an article in the Journal of Poverty titled "Household assets and food stamp program participation among eligible low-income households."

MARY DOMAHIDY, PH.D. (public policy studies) received the 2012 Community Development Achievement Award through the Community Development Society in recognition of her outstanding contribution to community development.

ANASTASIOS KABURAKIS (management) published the following paper:

Kaburakis, Anastasios, Li, M., Synowka, D., Foster, S., Neirotti, L., and Cobbs, J. (2012). "Effectively Positioning Sport Management Programs in the Business School: Issues, Challenges, and Coping Strategies." Proceedings of the 27th Annual North American Society for Sport Management Conference (439-440). Seattle, WA: NASSM.

IK-WHAN KWON, PH.D. (supply chain management) authored "How to Perceive a Risk in Supply Chain Management." Co-authors include Seock-Jin Hong at Bordeaux School of Management in France and Jian Li at Ocean University in China. The paper was presented at the Eighth International Conference on Logistics and Supply Chain Systems, June 6-9 in Seoul, Korea.

ROB BOYLE, PH.D. (assistant dean), SCOTT SAFRANSKI, PH.D. (management), CRAIG VAN SLYKE, PH.D., and Terry Link co-authored the paper "The Social Justice Computing Project," published in the Verbum Incarnatum: An Academic Journal of Social Justice, Summer 2012.

ROBERT CROPF, PH.D. (public policy studies) was promoted to professor from associate professor.

CYNTHIA LEROUGE, PH.D. (health care management and policy) published or presented the following: 

"A Comparison of Job Satisfaction between IT and Non-IT Women Incumbents in Clerical, Professional, and Managerial Positions," (accepted and in press) The DATA BASE for Advances in Information Systems, C. LeRouge, J. Wiley, C. Maertz

"Stepping into Health Information Systems Education: Issues, Challenges, and Opportunities,"(accepted and in press), Communications of the AIS, with S. Chaterjee and M. Chiarini-Tremblay

Six posters were accepted for the American Medical Informatics Association Conference (AMIA) 2012: all posters were health informatics related and three MHA students co-authored four of the poster abstracts that were accepted.

Health Systems Journal Co-Editor: First issue of Health Systems Journal was published in June 2012

Co-authored the initial Health Systems Journal editorial that sets forth the ethos and philosophy of the journal. "Editorial", (accepted and in press) Health Systems Journal, S. Brailsford, P. Harper, C. LeRouge, and F. Cobb Payton. Also served as co-editor of Health Systems Journal.

MARGARET PERKINSON, PH.D. (occupational science and occupational therapy) received the Alumna Achievement Award from the Alumnae Association of Saint Mary's College. The award honors an alumna who is outstanding in her personal and professional accomplishments and is a recognized leader in her field of endeavor.

ERIN MCGINNESS (student) has been selected as the representative to the National Association of Social Works (Missouri Chapter) Board of Directors.

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