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Medicine/Basic Biomedical Sciences

The Saint Louis University School of Medicine offers its students a dual-degree option of Doctor of Medicine and Doctor of Philosophy through a seven- or eight-year medical scientist training program.

About the Program

Saint Louis University offers a comprehensive M.D./Ph.D. training program to promote academic excellence in clinical medicine and disease-based research, combining our innovative M.D. curricula and our exceptional Ph.D. training environment.

You’ll participate in weekly M.D./Ph.D. colloquia to enhance your skills in critical thinking, scientific writing, career selection and public speaking. Throughout your time at SLU, you’ll learn to be a self-motivated intellectual leader, compassionate problem-solver and creative scientist capable of sustained research productivity.

Curriculum and Program Details

Most people are able to complete both degrees in seven or eight years. Many students begin research rotations in June before your first year of medical school, but you may also apply for the Ph.D. program after beginning your first year.

Your Ph.D. may be in one of the following disciplines:

You’ll select a mentor in the middle of the second year of medical school and do discipline-related coursework and dissertation research for the subsequent few years. The program has specific grant writing and research presentation requirements during this period. Following the doctoral dissertation defense, you’ll transition back into the final two years of the M.D. curriculum.

This dual-degree program is inclusive of all coursework, clerkships, laboratories and national licensure exams through USMLE Step Two.


Graduates from this program are trained as a physician scientist and medical ethicist with the credentials to succeed in academic medicine and related careers.

Application Process

Applicants to this program must first be admitted to the Saint Louis University School of Medicine. Most successful students apply to the Ph.D. program concurrently with the M.D. application, though some choose to apply during the first year of medical school. You must apply and be accepted into programs to earn a dual degree, which will require two separate graduate school applications to the School of Medicine.

Candidates for on-site interviews are selected from a national pool based on their undergraduate credentials (including science/math GPA and MCAT) and their demonstrated ability to participate in publishable research. Interviews occur in St. Louis.

Successful applicants receive full tuition support and competitive stipends throughout their M.D. and Ph.D. training, contingent on continued academic excellence and acceptable progress toward their research objectives.

Apply to the School of Medicine

Application Deadline

The application deadline both programs is Dec. 15