Economics is the study of how individuals, firms and nations make choices when confronted with limited resources. At Saint Louis University, you’ll learn to apply theory and problem-solving skills while balancing public policy with the choices faced by today’s society. 


Major in Economics

SLU offers two degrees in economics: a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in economics; and, in cooperation with the College of Arts and Science, a Bachelor of Arts in economics. Other business majors can choose to complete the economics supporting area in addition to their chosen program.

You’ll research microeconomic issues that are relevant to decision-making for individuals, private businesses and public policy, as well as macroeconomic issues, data and frameworks for examining the economies of the world and how they relate to each other.


Highlighted Courses
  • ECON 3790: Economies of Latin America
  • ECON 4080: Industrial Organization and Public Policy
  • ECON 4120: Law and Economics
  • ECON 4160: History of Economic Analysis
  • ECON 4200: Money and Banking
  • ECON 4300: International Trade
  • ECON 4310: Exchange Rates and the Global Economy
  • ECON 4400: Labor Economics
  • ECON 4450: Economics of International Migration
  • ECON 4500: Sports Economics
  • ECON 4560: Economic Development
  • ECON 4600: Public Finance
  • ECON 4700: Health Economics
  • ECON 4770: Advanced Econometrics
  • ECON 4930: Special Topics in Economics
Internships and Careers

SLU's urban location in St. Louis provides many internship opportunities at financial institutions and government agencies. Most internships are paid, and some may also earn academic credit toward your degree.

Students who graduate with a degree in economics from Saint Louis University have a long track record of being placed in graduate and professional programs that lead to high-profile jobs.



SLU’s economics faculty combine high academic rigor and professional experience, applying business theory to real-world situations.

  • Heather Bednarek, Ph.D.
  • Muhammad Islam, Ph.D.
  • Hailong Qian, Ph.D.
  • David Rapach, Ph.D.
  • Patrick Welch, Ph.D.
  • Bonnie Wilson, Ph.D.
Tuition and Fees

Saint Louis University takes pride in being one of Barron's Best Buys in College Education and Kiplinger's Best Values in Private Colleges.

For information regarding the upcoming academic year’s tuition rate, fees and financial aid, visit SLU Financial Services.

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Minor in Economics

If you are not a student of SLU’s John Cook School of Business, you can still pursue a minor in economics through the College of Arts and Sciences, gaining specialized knowledge in areas that are critical to success in careers related to economics.

The minor requires 21 hours of coursework in economics, including ECON 1900: Principles of Economics, ECON 3010: Introduction to Econometrics, ECON 3120: Intermediate Macroeconomics and ECON 3140: Intermediate Microeconomics, and nine hours of economics electives. 

Student Organization

Join the Economics Club

SLU’s Economics Club works to promote economic literacy for SLU students, by SLU students, through public speakers, tutors, discussions on current economic topics and club outings.