International Business

Saint Louis University’s international business program will teach you how the intricacies of cultural differences impact business relationships. Through classwork, student activities, faculty mentors, special events and internships, you will gain an understanding of and experience in maneuvering through the global marketplace.


Major in International Business

SLU’s international business majors learn how communication styles, social infrastructure and work attitudes can differ by area of the world. You'll examine how the economy, politics, pace of life, geography and government policies impact global business practices.

If you choose to study international business at SLU, you'll explore topics such as exporting, importing, foreign direct investment, foreign licensing, international services and global transactions of products or services.

SLU international business students are strongly encouraged to study abroad and gain firsthand experience through immersion. The University offers a large selection of full-semester destinations, but you can also choose experiences as short as seven to 10 days. 

The John Cook School of Business also offers students additional resources outside the classroom, including a chapter of Alpha Kappa Epsilon, an international business fraternity. 

Highlighted Courses

Available through SLU’s John Cook School of Business, international business students take “IB 2000: Introduction to International Business” along with 15 credit hours of upper-level division international business coursework. Twelve credit hours of foreign language courses are required to graduate with a concentration in international business.

  • IB 3020: Latin American Business
  • IB 3040: Asian Business
  • IB 3100: Geopolitics of World Business
  • IB 3140: International e-Business
  • IB 3150: Middle Eastern Business
  • IB 3160: Cultural Differences in International Business
  • IB 4120: International Business Strategies
  • IB 4910: International Business Internship
  • IB 4930: Special Topics in International Business
  • IB 4900: Global Immersion in International Business
Internships and Careers

International business students at SLU may complete an internship for up to three hours of credit.  Past internship sites in St. Louis include Boeing, World Trade Center St. Louis and Anheuser-Busch InBev. Internships outside St. Louis and overseas have also been approved, and many internships have led to job offers for full-time employment after graduation. Our graduates also find careers in the U.S. Foreign Service or choose to attend graduate school in a diverse array of fields.

  • Hadi Alhorr, Ph.D.
  • Mamoun Benmamoun, Ph.D.
  • Seung H. Kim, Ph.D.
  • Jase R. Ramsey
  • Nitish Singh, Ph.D.
  • Hongxin (John) Zhao, Ph.D.
Tuition and Fees

Saint Louis University takes pride in being one of Barron's Best Buys in College Education and Kiplinger's Best Values in Private Colleges.

For information regarding the upcoming academic year’s tuition rate, fees and financial aid, visit SLU Financial Services.

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Minor in International Business

SLU’s minor in international business is open to non-business majors and requires 18 credit hours of coursework. Students in other programs at the John Cook School of Business can also choose to add a supporting area in international business that requires 12 credit hours of international business courses.


On-Campus Resources

Institute of International Business

SLU’s Boeing Institute of International Business sponsors seminars and conferences on current topics throughout the year. The Monsanto International Business Conference brings the best minds in international business together on campus every year, and the Boeing Distinguished Guest Lecture has hosted speakers including international ambassadors, United Nations leaders and CEOs of international businesses.