The Adult Inpatient Treatment Program offers respite from overwhelming environmental stresses and an opportunity for intensive treatment. Every patient is part of a carefully designed and individualized treatment plan administered by a trained multidisciplinary professional staff. Both individual and group treatments are used, along with a range of therapeutic and psycho-educational activities throughout the day. Whenever possible, families are encouraged to visit and meet with staff members.

Unless physically ill, people in this program are out of bed and mobile during the day. Most patients have private rooms and eat in a group dining room on the unit. Laundry facilities and recreational activities are available. Before the end of a patient's hospitalization, our treatment team will help implement a discharge plan for their continuing care.

The Outpatient Clinic provides treatment for individuals and their families and partners. Depending on each patient's needs, treatment may take the form of individual sessions with physicians and therapists, group therapy sessions and/or family and couples therapy sessions.  

The Consultation-Liaison Service is available around the clock for hospitalized patients who suffer psychiatric symptoms due to medical illness, or due to an emotional reaction either to being ill or to factors independent of the medical illness.

For appointments, referrals or questions about SLUCare's psychiatric services for adults, call (314) 977-4850.