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Offering psychiatric expertise in civil and criminal legal cases

Psychiatric evaluation frequently plays a key role in resolving both civil and criminal legal matters.

SLUCare forensic psychiatrists provide comprehensive, ethical and timely psychiatric assessments on behalf of attorneys and courts. Our team expertly navigates complex interactions between the law and psychiatry. We conduct forensic assessments, prepare forensic reports and testify in depositions and trials.

SLUCare forensic psychiatrists are certified in both general and forensic psychiatry by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. As part an academic medical practice, we work collaboratively with other specialties across SLUCare, including neurology, neuropsychology, toxicology and more, giving you access to experts in many different areas of legal relevance. Plus, through connections in our industry, we can refer you to specialists outside SLUCare, if needed.

Our core team

Dr. Alan Felthous is director of the Division of Forensic Psychiatry in the Department of Neurology and Psychiatry. He is senior editor for Behavioral Sciences & the Law and a past president of the American Board of Forensic Psychiatry and the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law.

Dr. William Newman is the medical director of the Adult Inpatient Psychiatry Unit at SSM Health SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital. He is councilor for the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law and associate editor of Current Psychiatry.

Dr. Lauren Schwarz is a clinical neuropsychologist, providing assessment for abnormal cognitive conditions resulting from neurologic disease, neurodegenerative disorders, or psychiatric disorders.

SLUCare forensic psychiatry services

  • Perform independent medical assessments, including criminal psychiatric evaluation
  • Diagnose psychiatric disabilities
  • Complete risk assessments for violence, sex offender recidivism and more
  • Evaluate competency to: 
    • Stand trial
    • Waive Miranda rights 
    • Plead
    • Represent oneself 
    • Be sentenced
  • Evaluate for insanity and diminished capacity
  • Assess capacity to testify
  • Perform criminal mitigation evaluations
  • Evaluate for conditional release
  • Assess for civil competencies
  • Evaluate for civil commitments 
  • Establish fitness for duty
  • Perform ADA evaluations
  • Evaluate for emotional injury
  • Assist with guardianship issues
  • Assess for undue influence
  • Assess immigration/deportation issues
  • Perform psychological autopsies

Contact SLUCare Forensic Psychiatry

To speak with one of our forensic psychiatrists, call (314) 977-4826 or email