Saint Louis University

Certificate Program in Economic Development

Instructor Expectations

  1. The format of the class will consist of a lecture by the instructor for a length of 1-1½ hours. The second half of the class will consist of a selected panel to discuss the topics of the lecture with the instructor while also encouraging class discussion.
  2. Practical education for the benefit of the class participants is the primary objective of this program. Instructor should not use this opportunity for promoting narrow or special interests, marketing, etc. At the end of each class, instructor may provide a "one-page" brochure about their respective agency/organization. The class environment should be apolitical and project-neutral
  3. Instructor must submit a brief class outline for review to the Program Administrators at least two weeks before their scheduled class. Instructor may bring another expert as "guest speakers" into their classroom when appropriate. If instructor plans to include a guest speaker, a bio of the speaker and description of the presentation must be submitted for review at least two weeks before the scheduled class. All documents should be in Word format. Class outlines need to be emailed Dresden Farrand at
  4.  Instructor will be given significant latitude in determining their class outline, structure of class, materials, etc. We encourage instructor to bring in previous work such as plans and models, use interactive teaching methods and other creative tools that fall within the scoop of the class.
  5.  Instructor should create an atmosphere that is conversational, interactive, balanced and use pertinent and current presentation and materials.
  6. Students will be asked to complete confidential class evaluations. These evaluations will be provided in aggregate form to you for your review.
  7.  Instructor must have all class materials emailed to Dresden Farrand at 24 hours before start of class or must provide copies otherwise.
  8.  Any aviation and technology needs (e.g. PowerPoint presentation, DVD player) must be communicated two weeks before scheduled class and included in class outline. No tech support will be available on site.
  9.  Instructor must provide an updated bio for use on the program website and for informing prospective students.
  10.  Instructor should be aware that the study body will be geographically diverse and will have representation from other areas outside of St. Louis City and St. Louis County.