Saint Louis University

Certificate Program in Economic Development
Fall 2010-Spring 2011 Program Description


The Certificate Program in Economic Development is designed by Saint Louis University in collaboration with the St. Louis County Economic Council and the Urban Land Institute - St. Louis District Council to offer a timely educational program with a focus on the Saint Louis Region.

Regional economic development is arguably the most useful framework within which to address issues of job creation, infrastructure, real estate development, housing, taxation, fiscal capacity, zoning and countless others. The objective of the Certificate Program is to offer evening classes taught by a mix of distinguished practitioners and Saint Louis University Faculty aimed to challenge those involved in local government to expand their knowledge and skills in critical areas, with special attention given to development in a down economy.

PURPOSE: The purpose of the Certificate Program in Economic Development is to provide a valuable, practical learning experience for individuals working in a public service capacity.

PROGRAM ADMINISTRATORS: Urban Land Institute - St. Louis District Council; Saint Louis University Department of Public Policy Studies; Saint Louis County Economic Council.

:  The Program is geared to government officials and others involved in local government. Participants who successfully complete the Certificate Program will earn a Certificate of Participation from Saint Louis University Department of Public Policy Studies, but the program does not confer academic credits of any kind and participants will not be students of Saint Louis University.

Fall semester will begin Thursday, October 14th. Participants must complete 6 of the 8 classes within a 12 month timeframe to earn the Certificate. Tuition is non-refundable. Classes 1-4 are offered in the Fall and Classes 5-8 are offered in the Spring.

ENROLLMENT: No open enrollment or individual class participation at this time. The full Certification Program is only offered in the fall of 2011 at this time.

There is not financial assistance or discounts at this time. However, the cost of enrollment will be discounted for those who register before October 1, 2011.

: Certificate Program classes are scheduled for bi-weekly Thursday evenings for 2.5 hours from 4:30pm - 7:00pm.

: All course materials will be provided at class time.


: Space in the Program facility is limited, so those interested in the Program are encouraged to complete the application as soon as possible for fall semester. Payment is due at time of registration

: 121 South Meramec, 10st Floor Conference Room, St. Louis, MO 63105

: Free street parking is available after 5:00pm. Shaw Park Parking Garage is available for $1.00.

For more information, please contact: Jamie Villmer, Certificate Coordinator, Public Policy Studies.

Disclaimer and Release

Due to space limitations at the Program facility, the number of applicants admitted into the Program necessarily will be limited. Applicant understands that admission into the Program of any applicant may be denied in the sole discretion of the Program Administrators. By submitting an application for the Program, Applicant releases and holds harmless the Program Administrators and their respective affiliates, sponsors, agents, employees, independent contractors and other representatives from any and all liability, damage or loss suffered as a result of Applicant's application to and/or participation in the Program.