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Step 1: Discuss your course plan with your advisor.

Your course plan is the essence of your education at Saint Louis University. Therefore, your advisor will need to approve and authorize your registration.

Step 2: Register On-line or In Person

On-line registration is available through the Banner self service . If you would like to register in person, please proceed to the Registrar's Office .

There is a pre-registration period (typically in the semester prior to study) that allows for billing before classes start. Registration is available until the day before classes begin, but after the pre-registration period, students must make financial arrangements immediately. Late registration, which carries an extra $50 fee, is available during the first two weeks of class. Students also have two weeks to drop a class without receiving a "W" on their transcript.

Remember to register for the Comprehensive Exam if you are at that stage of the process.

Step 3: Maintain Continuous Registration 

Graduate Education policy requires that students be enrolled each semester (except summers) until the degree is awarded. If you are not taking a class, you can maintain your status by registering for Journal Club.

For more information, contact the Registrar's Office .

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