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Saint Louis University recognizes that the University needs a robust emergency alert notification system. In September 2011, the University contracted the services of Rave Messenger, an industry leader in emergency alert messaging. The RAVE enhanced system allows the University to reach students, faculty, staff and visitors within minutes through a number of media options: text messages, cell phones, land line, email and digital signage.

Like any good system, RAVE relies on people, and the ability to reach people though RAVE still depends heavily on having current contact information. As part of the ongoing effort of the Department of Public Safety, in conjunction with Information Technology Services, University Marketing and Communications, Student Development, the Registrar's Office, the Staff Advisory Committee and the Faculty Senate, everyone at SLU is encouraged to become part of the Emergency Alert Notification System.

It is important to note that information is held in confidence and will only be used in a situation that poses imminent danger to the life or safety of students, faculty, staff or visitors.

Join DPS in making SLU a safer place to learn, work, visit and grow.

Instructions to register for the RAVE Emergency Alert Notification System:

 Enrollment Instructions for Students

 Enrollment Instructions for Employees

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