Saint Louis University

The Campus Emergency Response Team (CERT) is ready to respond to any type of emergency across campus. In some cases, they may arrive on the scene before outside first-responders.

CERT is an SGA-chartered student organization that brings students together with staff and faculty. CERT members participate in several training classes and a final intense disaster exercise. The classes are provided by real-life first-responders and teach the participants of variety emergency training from fire extinguisher use and hazmat awareness, to first aid and triage, to terrorism awareness and disaster debriefing.

The final test for CERT members replicates the aftermath of tornados, earthquakes and other types of emergencies. After a sit-down briefing, the class members are sent into a damaged area to perform search and rescue, set up triage and apply disaster medical treatment. Members of the University community volunteer to portray casualties of the disaster.

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