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If you do not see any training topics that DPS officers, email us and we would be glad to work with you to provide training that fits your needs.

AED/CPR  Training

First Aid  Training

For more information about AED/CPR or First Aid training, follow the links above to access a registration form or contact the Training Coordinator at You can also call 314-977-3048.

Also offered:

  • Rape Aggression Defense Class - This female only class teaches basic self defense techniques and allows participants to practice these techniques on a DPS officer.
  • Community Emergency Response Team
  • Fire Extinguisher Training - Learn how to properly operate a fire extinguisher
  • Active Shooter Training -  Participants learn about different response options in the rare event they are found in an active shooter situation.
  • Campus Safety Training - Further expand your understanding of how the campus is kept safe, what you can do to help keep campus safe, and how to recognize crime.
  • Happy Hour Training - This class looks at how alcohol, if not consumed responsibly, will affect careers and personal life.

For more information about these classes contact the department at Also, watch Newslink for training announcements.

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