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July 9, 2002

Saint Louis University Mental Status (SLUMS) Examination

  1. What day of the week is it? (1 point for the right answer)

  2. What is the year? (1 point)

  3. What state are we in? (1 point)

  4. Please remember these five objects. I will ask you what they are later: apple, pen, tie, house, car. (No points yet)

  5. You have $100 and you go to the store and buy a dozen apples for $3 and a tricycle for $20.
    • How much did you spend? (1 point)
    • How much do you have left? (2 points)

  6. Please name as many animals as you can in one minute. (No point for naming 0-4; 1 point for naming 5-9; 2 points for naming 10-14; and 3 points for naming 15 or more.)

  7. What were the five objects I asked you to remember? (1 point for each object remembered.)

  8. I am going to say a series of numbers and I would like you to give them to me backwards. For example, if I say 42, you would say 24.
    • 87 (0 points)
    • 649 (1 point)
    • 8537 (1 point)

  9. (Draw circle.) This circle represents a clock face. Please put in the hour markers and the time at ten minutes to eleven o'clock.
    • (2 points for hour markers labeled correctly)
    • (2 points for correct time)

  10. (Show a triangle, a square and a rectangle.) Please place an X in the triangle. (1 point)

  11. Which of those objects is the largest? (1 point)

  12. I am going to tell you a story. Please listen carefully because afterward, I'm going to ask you some questions about it.

    Jill was a very successful stockbroker. She made a lot of money in the stock market. She then met Jack, a devastatingly handsome man. She married him and had three children. They lived in Chicago. She then stopped working and stayed at home to bring up her children. When they were teenagers, she went back to work. She and Jack lived happily ever after.
    • What was the female's name? (2 points)
    • When did she go back to work? (2 points)
    • What work did she do? (2 points)
    • What state did she live in? (2 points)
SCORING: High school education: Normal: 27-30; Mild neurocognitive disorder: 21-26; Dementia: 1-20.
Less than high school education: Normal: 25-30; Mild neurocognitive disorder: 20-24; Dementia: 1-19.

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