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Matt Shaw
Phone: 314.977.8018

July 24, 2003

Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

ST. LOUIS--A patient who goes to the doctor's office for a checkup doesn't deal only with a doctor and a nurse - he deals with everyone from the valet attendant and security guard who greet him upon arrival to the receptionist who greets him inside the clinical office. The quality of those interactions can determine the quality of his overall experience.

An honorary club seeks to recognize those who go beyond their normal duties to make sure SLUCare patients have nothing but good experiences at the Saint Louis University Doctor's Office Building (DOB), 3660 Vista.

Called The Ambassador's Club, induction goes to those who excel at serving patients, faculty and staff. Nominees can include doctors, maintenance staff, nurses, security guards or office managers-anyone who works in the DOB and consistently goes out of his way to help patients have a better experience during their visit. Nominees do not have to be Saint Louis University employees; housekeepers who work in the building but are employed by an outside company, for instance, also are eligible.

Nominations can be made by employees or patients. Nomination forms are located in the lobby and in doctor's offices. Since the program started in May 1999, 29 people have been inducted into the club. Inductees receive an engraved plaque presented by their supervisor and have name plates added to a larger Ambassadors Club plaque in the DOB lobby. They also receive an award luncheon in their honor at Bannister House restaurant.

Larry Fletcher, UMG Support Services Manager, said the Ambassadors Club differs from traditional employee recognition programs in that there are no quotas or time constraints, and all employees, exempt and nonexempt, and non-employees working regularly at the site are eligible.

"It's not a situation where we have to scramble at the end of the month to pick an employee, or choose between two equally deserving candidates. We are able to reward excellence as it occurs," Fletcher said. "The backbone of this program is people who not only recognize excellence in the workplace, but who also take the time to complete and submit nomination form."

Michael Meyer, executive director of SLUCare, said the Ambassadors Club was a welcome innovation. He plans to expand the program to all SLUCare sites within the next fiscal year.

"This is an innovative way of promoting and recognizing the outstanding work done throughout the UMG," Meyer said. "We're looking forward to using this as a model for all SLUCare sites."

The current 29 inductees are: David Schnelt, transporter; Sylvia Hutchison, senior patient coordinator; Patty Knaup, patient coordinator, SR; Cathy Beach, LPN; Helen Bland, senior patient coordinator; K.T Nelson, patient relations representative; Kevin Redd, patient coordinator; Paula Davis, lead mammographer; Helen Mitchell, patient coordinator; Matt Nickelson, housekeeping supervisor; Stephanie Blankenship, pharmacy tech; Patricia Masidonski, research nurse; D'Ante Shurn, patient coordinator; Rick Jones, maintenance; Glorie Miner, LPN; Douglas Walden, M.D.; Patricia Digerolamo, secretary; Mary Kay Dorsey, NP; Billie Hesselberg, pharmacy tech; Petrina Martin, LPN; Susan Androff, RN; Debi Striler, office manager; Catherine Wittgen, M.D.; Gregory Branham, M.D.; Jan Dowell, nurse supervisor; Kim Whitley, registration rep; Pat Dempsey, public safety officer; Lisa Lindsey, physician assistant; Matt Steiner, clerk.

For more information about the services offered by SLUCare, the physician practice of Saint Louis University School of Medicine, phone the SLUCare Call Center at 314-268-5880 or 1-800-268-5880.

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