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0000000 Clayton Berry
Phone: 314.977.7117
February 22, 2006 

Biondi, Harshman Recognized Among Area’s Most Influential

For seven years, the St. Louis Business Journal has recognized area business and community leaders who make a difference to the region by honoring them as “Influentials.” Because of their hard work and civic-mindedness, Saint Louis University President Lawrence Biondi, S.J., and Ellen Harshman, Ph.D., dean of SLU’s John Cook School of Business, both made this year’s list.

Lawrence Biondi, S.J.

Biondi was honored as one of 10 “legends” -- individuals “who have gone beyond being influential to become legends in our region and beyond.” The St. Louis Business Journal recognized Biondi for investing in surrounding communities and committing vast resources to academics, scholarships, financial aid, faculty recruitment, research and state-of-the-art technology.

Harshman (Grad ’78, Law ’92) was honored as an “Influential” for focusing “on what makes SLU distinctive, including its Jesuit commitment to community services and its nationally recognized entrepreneurship program.”

Harshman has served SLU in several leadership roles since 1972, including associate dean of the business school, director of the career planning and placement center and assistant to the vice president for student development. The St. Louis Business Journal also honored Harshman in 2004, when she was recognized as one of the “Most Influential Business Women.”

Ellen Harshman, Ph.D.

Several current or emeriti members of SLU’s board of trustees also made the list, including: William H.T. Bush, Bob Clark, Charles Drury, Tom Dunne, L.B. Eckelkamp Jr., Shaun Hayes, Jack Pruellage (B&A ’62), W. Michael Ross, Michael Shanahan (B&A ’61) and J. Kim Tucci (A&S ’62, Grad ’69).

Many SLU alums and several honorary degree recipients also were honored as “Influentials,” including:

  • Richard Baron (Honorary Degree ’01)
  • August Busch III (Honorary Degree ’00)
  • August Busch IV ( B&A ’87, Grad B&A ’00)
  • Bob Ciapciak (A&S ’79)
  • Denny Coleman (A&S ’72)
  • Joseph Conran (A7S ’67, Law ’70)
  • Dr. Bill Danforth (Honorary Degree ’82)
  • John Danforth (Honorary Degree ’84)
  • Tim Dorsey (A&S ’70)
  • Joe Edwards (Honorary Degree ’05)
  • Sam Fox (Honorary Degree ’00)
  • Henry Givens Jr. (Grad ’72 &’90)
  • Joseph Imbs III (Grad B&A ’75)
  • Mark Lamping (Grad B&A ’81)
  • Karen Luebbert (Grad ’93)
  • Charles Mueller (IT ’61, Grad B&A ’66)
  • Emily Rauh Pulitzer (Honorary Degree ’03)
  • Peter Raven (Honorary Degree ’82)
  • Mike Roberts (Law ’74)
  • Sister Mary Jean Ryan (Nurs ’67)
  • Doug Sansone (A&S ’94)
  • Jim Sansone (B&A ’84)
  • Tim Sansone (B&A ’92)
  • Tony Sansone (B&A ’81)
  • Vince Schoemehl (Grad ’86)
  • Francis Slay (Law ’80)
  • Sue Stepleton (Grad ’04)
  • Donald Suggs (Honorary Degree ’94)
  • Nat Walsh (Law ’86)
  • Doug Yaeger (Grad B&A ’76)

This year’s St. Louis Business Journal “Influentials” will be recognized during a breakfast reception 7:30-9 a.m. Wednesday, March 1, in John and Lucy Cook Hall. Biondi is the special guest for this event, and tickets cost $25. For more information, call LaTonja Thomas at (314) 421-8328.

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