Research Opportunities for Students

Starting Freshman Year

At Saint Louis University, learning at the undergraduate level is practical, active and hands-on. Professors go far beyond lectures, and students aren't content just to sit back and soak up information.

In the lab or the field, research opportunities allow undergraduates to develop skills they might not get in a traditional classroom. Students enhance their academic or professional credentials while learning about a subject from the inside out. Sometimes, they find mentors. Other times, they rely on their research teams and, better yet, themselves.

Saint Louis University, following the rigorous academic tradition of the Jesuits, offers undergraduate research opportunities in a broad variety of disciplines.

At the next level...

Graduate students delve completely into a discipline. They find connections among disparate texts. Apply new solutions to old problems. Discover, experiment, dream.

At Saint Louis University, research opportunities drive graduate education.

By joining current projects or spearheading new ones, graduate students gain invaluable academic experience in the research process and its outcomes. As they work to expand their own education, these students broaden the common base of knowledge.

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