Policies and Forms

University, regulatory and ethical policies can impact the research process from proposal development and submission through the management of awards.

Research Policies

Document Name Category
Document Name Category
Authorship for Scientific and Scholarly Publications Policy  
Cost Transfer Policy  
Delegation of Authority Policy  
Distinction Between Gifts and Sponsored Programs  
Electronic Signatures Policy: Research & Research Compliance  
Externally Sponsored Programs: Grants, Contracts and Agreements Policy (Version 3.0)  
F&A: Administrative Overview and Table of Contents for Policies and Procedures Regarding Direct & Indirect Costs Associated with Sponsored Programs  
F&A: Definitions Relating to Sponsored Projects At Saint Louis University  
F&A: Direct Costs Policy - Allowable & Unallowable Cost  
F&A: Facilities & Administrative (F&A) Indirect Cost Policy  
F&A: Overview  
F&A: Procedure for Determination of Facilities and Administrative/Indirect Cost Rates  
F&A: Procedure for Determining Allowable Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Rates on Outbound Subawards and Contracts (Where SLU is the Prime Awardee and Subcontracts to an External Entity)  
F&A: Procedure for Requesting Facilities and Administrative/Indirect Cost Exceptions  
F&A: Procedures for F&A Distribution  
FAQs for Financial Conflict of Interest in Research  
Federal Procurement Policy  
Financial Conflict of Interest- Committee Policy  
Financial Conflict of Interest in Research Policy  
Grants Development (GDO) Procedures for Submitting Proposals Policy  
Grants Development (GDO) Procedures for the Use of Consulting Partners, Research Methods Policy  
Grants Development (GDO) Services and Operations Policy  
Grants Development (GDO) Use of Research Methods Grantsmanship Consulting Partners Policy  
Grants, Contracts, and Agreements: Policy for Externally Sponsored Programs  
Human Cell Line Policy  
IBC Protocol Review Procedure  
IBC Recombinant DNA Manual  
Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) Oversight and Principal Investigator Responsibilities Procedures  
Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) Policy Letter  
Institutional Review Board (IRB) Policy  
Intellectual Property Guidelines and Policies  
Minors in Laboratories  
Occupational Health for Laboratory and Animal Research  
Participant Payment Procedure Manual  
Policy on Participant Payments within Research and/or Sponsored Activities  
Private Use of Saint Louis University Research Facilities Policy  
Procedures Timeline for Submission of Proposals for External Funding  
Radiation Safety Committee Policy  
Reporting Policy  
Research Misconduct: Policy for Responding to Allegations of Research Misconduct  
Research Record Ownership Policy  
Residual Balance Policy  
Responsible Conduct of Research Policy for Students Post-Doctoral Fellows, and Trainees  
Responsible Conduct of Research Training for Students, Post-Doctoral Fellows, and Trainees Supported by External Funds  
SBIR/STTR Draft Policy  
Separation of Duties - Management Review Policy  
SLU Company and Visiting Scientist Agreement Policy  
State Statutes  
Subrecipient Monitoring  
Supplemental Pay for Faculty on Sponsored Programs Policy  
Tobacco-Free Policy  
Vaccination of Researchers PolicyCompliance  

Research Forms

Document Name Category
Document Name Category
Additional Criteria Checklist: Department of Defense  
Additional Criteria Checklist: Department of Education  
Additional Criteria Checklist: Department of Energy  
Additional Criteria Checklist: Environmental Protection Agency  
Additional Criteria Checklist: Investigational Devices  
Additional Criteria Checklist: Investigational Drugs  
Additional Criteria Checklist: Sponsor Investigator Responses  
Additional Criteria Checklist: Department of Justice  
Animal Care Inter-Institutional Agreement Form  
Animal Care Inter-Institutional Agreement Procedure  
Assent Form Templates  
Authorization Withdrawal Letter  
Behavioral and Social Sceiences (Non Clinical) Consent Template  
Biosafety Inspection Form  
Change-in-Protocol/For Information Form  
Checklist: Eligibility for Exempt Review  
Checklist: Eligibility for Expedited Continuing Review  
Checklist: Eligibility for Expedited Initial Review  
Checklist: Human Research Determination  
Checklist: Obtaining Consent in 45 CFR 46.406/21  
Chemical Transfer Form  
ClinCard Request Form  
ClinCard Study Set Up Form  
Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement Pre-Review form  
Continuing Review Form/Notice of Study Closure  
Delegation of Authority Log  
Department Chair Approval Form  
Determination of Umbrella Agreement Form SLU-Wash U  
Disclosure Tracking Log  
Eligibility Criteria Checklist  
Environmental Safety Lab Inspection Form  
External Data Use Agreement  
F&A: Request for Exception to Facilities and Administrative (Indirect Costs) Rate Form  
HIPAA Authorization Form  
Human Gene Transfer (IBC) Consent Guidelines  
Human Use Radiation Committee 313A AUD  
Human Use Radiation Committee 313A AUT  
Human Use Radiation Committee 313A AUS  
IBC Reviewer Checklist  
Instructions for completing SAE Report Form  
Internal Awards Peer Review Form  
Internal Data Use Agreement  
IRB Is Your Project Human Subjects Research?  
IRB Human Subjects Determination Form  
IRB Reliance Agreement Determination Form  
IRB Tips for Choosing IRB  
IRB Emergency Use Informed Consent Template  
IRB Emergency Treatment Status Update/Closure Form  
IRB Informed Consent HUD Form  
IRB Model Recruitment Statement Cover Letter  
IRB Biomedical Clinical Informed Consent Template  
Lay Language Glossary for Consent Forms  
Letter of Intent to Establish a Consortium Agreement  
Minor Participants in Laboratory: Request for Approval  
Model Addendum Consent Document  
NIH Biosketch: Blank Form  
NIH Biosketch: Sample/Instruction Form  
Notification of Decedent Research  
Occupational Health Medical Health Questionnaire  
Participant Payment Quick Reference Guide  
Post IRB Approval Submission Requirements  
Preparatory to Research Review Application  
PRF Subrecipient Form  
Procedural Manual   
QAR Self Assessment Checklist  
Radiation Risks Language  
Radiation Safety Badge Coordinator Form  
Radiation Safety Damaged or Missing Dosimeter Form  
Radiation Safety Dosimeter Application  
Radiation Safety Dosimeter Deletion Form  
Radiation Safety Dosimeter Reactivation Form  
Radiation Safety NRC 3 Form  
Radiation Safety Spare Assignment Form  
Requirements for Reporting Events Relating to Subject Safety  
Research in Concept Only  
Scientific Review Form for Investigator Initiated Studies  
Scientific Review Worksheet  
Screening Enrollment Log  
Serious Adverse Event (SAE) Report Form  
Short Form Consent Process  
Single Use Consent Template  
Site Personnel Signature Log  
SLU Invention Disclosure Form  
SLU License Income Distribution Form  
SLU Material Transfer Agreement  
SPA: Authorization for Individual Agreement  
SPA: Delegation of Authority Form  
SPA: Fund Number Checklist  
SPA: Fund Request/Change Form  
SPA: Instructions for Subcontract/SSA Intake form  
SPA: Late Transfer Log  
SPA: Manual Effort Report Template  
SPA: Pending Fund Number Checklist  
SPA: Recharge Center Template  
SPA: Salary Cap Worksheet  
SPA: Sponsored Award Late Transfer Correction Form  
SPA: Sponsored Program Pending Fund Request Form  
SPA: Sponsored Programs Budget Revision Form  
SPA: Sponsored Programs Request for Budget  
SPA: Subcontract & SSA Intake form  
SPA: Subcontract Final Certification Form  
SPA: Subcontract Invoice Process  
SPA: Subcontractor Invoice Approval Form  
SPA: Subrecipient /Vendor Determination Checklist  
Spare Dosimeter Request  
Study Startup Checklist  
Study Specific Training  
Subject Visit Tracking Log  
UP Tracking Table