SLUStart is a program managed by the Research Innovation Group at Saint Louis University. It is designed to assist researchers as they extend their focus beyond academia and the university laboratory.

This program helps researchers ensure that their research will have greater economic and societal benefit. SLUStart is similar to the NSF-I Corps program and serves as a stepping stone for SLU to become an official NSF I-Corps Site, thus providing the SLU community access to the full NSF I-Corps ecosystem. For more information about SLUStart, including how to sign up for the program, visit the SLUStart website

The SLUStart program aims to:

  • Train participants, particularly SLU faculty and students, in the lean startup methodology (i.e., customer development process) popularized by Steve Blank
  • Advance the commercialization of SLU intellectual properties
  • Increase the participation of underrepresented groups, such as women and African-Americans, in entrepreneurship and the technology industry


SLU faculty, graduate students and undergraduate students who are pursuing either
their own concept for a new business venture, the commercialization of SLU intellectual property or the advancement and maturation of a particular line of research are eligible to participate in SLUStart. 

SLU alumni and participants from the community not affiliated with SLU who are pursuing the commercialization of SLU intellectual property can also take part in the program.

Visit the SLUStart website