Saint Louis University

Consider the following tips when you are preparing to meet with your professor during office hours.

Plan Ahead

1. Schedule your meeting in advanced.

· Office hours do not necessarily indicate "drop-in" hours. By scheduling an appointment in advanced, your professor will block off time to talk with you.

· Check the syllabus to see how your professor prefers to be contacted.

2. Write down questions that you will plan to ask.

· Make sure the questions are specific to recent lectures, graded assignments, homework problems, or upcoming exams/assignments/papers.

· If you ask a question about homework, only ask questions about problems that you have attempted to work out

· By writing your questions down, you may also be able to show them to the professor if you run out of time or need additional assistance.

Arrive Prepared

1. Make sure you know where your professor's office is located.

2. Be punctual.

· Being punctual (about five minutes early) shows that you are prepared and that you respect your professor's time.

3. Bring your course materials with you.

· Your professor will (more than likely) be unprepared for your specific questions. Therefore, to best utilize time, make sure you have everything you need to best address your questions.

4. Prepare to take notes during the meeting.

Expect the Unexpected

1. Do NOT be afraid to ask questions.

· Since you did the work to schedule and prepare for the meeting, you might as well make the most of the time.

2. Prepare yourself for feedback.

· Meeting with your professor is a good time to ask how you can improve for the rest of the semester. Expect constructive feedback.

3. Enjoy where the conversation may bring you.

· Look forward to making a connection with your professor.

As always, be respectful and gracious.