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Tips for Study Day

With Study Day approaching, we created a list of ideas to help make the most out of May 10.

  • Map out times for your finals and create a weekly schedule.
    • Make sure to schedule times to eat, exercise, and SLEEP! Do not pull an "all-nighter".
    • Study during the times where you study best (for example, during the morning or afternoon might be better than in the evening).
    • When studying, remember to study material for about an hour at a time and take 10-15 minute breaks.
  • Create a study group with classmates!
    • 4 students is an ideal study group.
    • Make sure to create an agenda for your meeting.
    • Divide tasks and have each individual prepare before meeting.
  • Organize your notes and archive them for a future semester. Think about the future classes you will take before throwing away all of your hard work!
  • Schedule a tutoring session for last minute questions.
    • Tuesday, December 10 will be the last day for regular tutoring sessions.
    • Brief (30-60 minute) tutoring sessions in a limited number of subjects will be available Wednesday, May 11 and Thursday, May 12. Check our online scheduler beginning Wednesday, May 4 to schedule a session.
  • Finish a draft of a paper or presentation, and plan to meet with a writing consultant (and if they are booked, utilize a friend to peer review your paper!)
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