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Successful implementation of accommodations is the result of combined efforts by faculty, students, and staff. Disability Services' role in the accommodation process is to ensure that the student has equal access and opportunity in all coursework. Close collaboration with course instructors is essential to meet this goal. Please contact us with any questions about academic accommodations.

Disability Services facilitates academic accommodations for students with disabilities. Faculty or staff members who need workplace accommodations should contact Human Resources or their departments.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of The Rehabilitation Act of 1973 guarantee protection from discrimination and equal access to opportunity for people with disabilities. Faculty members have the responsibility to:

1. Provide accommodations to students who have approved accommodations.
2. Maintain the privacy of students with disabilities.
3. Give accommodations consistently and in a timely fashion.

Disability law does not change a faculty member's right to:

1. Set curriculum and assignments for course.
2. Evaluate all students using the same standards.
3. Expect a student to adhere to the policies in the Student Handbook.
4. Question accommodations that might lessen academic standards or the course's integrity.
5. Be informed of accommodations in a timely manner.

Faculty can review students' approved accommodations through Banner in their course roster. 

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