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This page provides information about non-academic accommodations and services provided by Disability Services at Saint Louis University.

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Items and Services Provided

Evaluation for a Disability
Housing Accommodations
Graduate and Professional School Placement or Licensure Test Accommodations

Items and Services Provided
Disability Services does not provide personal devices as corrective lenses, hearing aids, crutches, or wheelchairs.

SLU has a limited number of manual wheelchairs that students may checkout through Institutional Equity and Diversity. The Disability Services office has a limited number of digital tape recorders that students may reserve during the academic year.

While Disability Services works with students who use attendant care services, Saint Louis University does not assume coordination or financial responsibilities for the services.

Evaluation for a Disability
Disability Services does not offer evaluation services. Please contact Student Health and Counseling Services, the Psychological Services Center, or an external organization for evaluation. Keep in mind that while many insurance providers do not cover evaluation, it is best to contact the insurance company to see if they will cover any of the cost. Some evaluation sites offer a sliding fee scale based on income.

If you are eligible for services through your state vocational rehabilitation agency, you may qualify for a free evaluation. You may locate your state vocational rehabilitation agency [new window].

Disability Services office does not provide individual transportation.

There are several shuttles on the Saint Louis University campus, around the perimeter, and between the Frost Campus, Medical Campus, and Scott Hall. The Department of Public Safety offers rides around campus during hours when the campus shuttle is not in operation.

To apply for accessible parking on campus, contact Institutional Equity and Diversity. An application for accessible parking and supporting documentation must be submitted and reviewed before authorization is approved.

Other options include finding a ride independently or renting/buying a scooter (not from SLU) if appropriate.

Golf carts are not provided for personal transportation around campus.

Housing Accommodations
If a student is living on campus and housing accommodations are needed, the student should work with Housing and Residence Life to inquire about accessible housing options.

For a housing accommodations request to be considered, the "Housing Requests for Students with Special Needs" form and a form of documentation must be submitted with the Saint Louis University residential housing contract to Housing and Residence Life.

All housing accommodations must be requested on an annual basis. Lack of timely submission may affect the housing assignment given.

Additional questions about housing should be directed to Housing and Residence Life.

Graduate and Professional School Placement or Licensure Test Accommodations
Students seeking to request accommodations for graduate and professional school placement or licensure tests should visit the official website of the specific testing program (GRE, LSAT, MCAT, etc.) or licensure exams (PT, OT, Nursing, Accounting, etc.) to review their policies and procedures as early as possible. Remember to look at any deadlines, especially registration deadlines. Plan on allowing 12 weeks from the moment an application is begun to the moment it is ready to send.

Disability Services has no involvement in determining accommodations during these exams; however, Disability Services can support the request by providing documentation of accommodations received at Saint Louis University. The student must personally request this by contacting Disability Services.

Students are advised that receiving accommodations at SLU through Disability Services does not mean the same documentation will qualify a student for accommodations on a placement or licensure test.

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