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Alternate Format Course Materials (AFCM)

Use of Alternate Format Course Materials is an academic accommodation available to students with print disabilities who need print materials, including textbooks, in alternative formats as a means of support for a documented condition. AFCM typically includes the following file types: DOC, EPUB, PDF, RTX, TXT, or XML.  Exact availability depends on the material and the publisher of the material.

Students should be aware that it may take time for an AFCM request to be completed.
Students may be required to surrender the textbook to create an alternate format text.

1. Determine eligibility for AFCM accommodation through Disability Services.
2. Complete the Alternate Format Course Materials (AFCM) Request Form.
3. Submit the form to the Frost Campus Testing Center at
4. Inform The Frost Campus Testing Center Coordinator of any course changes.
5. Receive email indicating that alternate format materials are ready.

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