Saint Louis University

The Major Exploration Academic Advising Office is the academic advising home for students who are in the process of selecting their major. Learn more about the Major Exploration experience, and consider if you may be a good fit.

Benefits of being advised in Major Exploration include:

  • A supportive and welcoming environment for students to explore: We understand that students may be "exploring" for a variety of reasons and encourage students to share their interests, dreams, and concerns.

  • A Team Approach: Students in Major Exploration have an assigned professional Academic Advisor and Career Development Specialist. Faculty members and academic advisors in academic departments will also be utilized as information resources.

  • Time for reflection, exploration and information gathering: Students meet with their assigned Academic Advisor for at least 4 required appointments each semester. We provide tentative deciding deadlines for students based on their interests, with a 4-year plan in mind. 

Who is best served by choosing Major Exploration as their advising home?

While students in our office are all exploring academic and professional options, there are several different types of students and reasons for their indecision about choosing a specific academic program. Some examples include:

  • Students who have multiple interests in majors housed in different schools/colleges within the University: "I'm interested in Chemistry (College of Arts and Sciences), Business ( School of Business), and Elementary Education (College of Education and Public Service).

  • Students who are uncertain of what major to choose: "I don't know what I like or don't like" or "I really don't know what I want to study.
  • Students who know what they want to do after graduation, but are unsure of what may be the best path for an undergraduate degree: "I want to work in the non-profit sector but I do not know what major is most suitable for me to accomplish this goal."
  • Students who have a general interest, but genuinely want to explore other options: "I think I might be interested in psychology but I want to explore other options before I make a specific choice."