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Megan Shaffer PhotoMegan Shaffer, M.S.

Program Director

The University of Texas at Austin - Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Science
Western Illinois University - Master of Science in College Student Personnel

Did you change your major? YES! I changed my major twice. Both my parents are engineers and I thought that I had to go into science or engineering to get a good job. I started college as a chemistry major with the intention of going into chemical engineering eventually. I realized after two semesters that, although I was good at chemistry, I really did not like it. My lack of interest and passion led to lack of motivation and a few bad grades. I changed my major to nutrition and dietetics, because I was not comfortable leaving the science field and nutrition had plenty of science courses. After two more semesters I realized that the thing I loved most about nutrition and dietetics was working with people and not the science classes. I changed my major for the last time to human development and family sciences where I learned all about the growth and development of people and relationships.

Have you ever dropped a class? Yes I did drop a class. During my third semester I was registered for classes I needed for a chemistry major, which included calculus III. Since I transferred into a major that did not require a high level of math I decided to drop calculus III after midterms, because I was not doing well. I decided that dropping calculus and receiving a "W" was a better option than negatively affecting my GPA. I took a summer class to make up for the lost hours and the "W" had no impact on my admittance to graduate school or getting a job.

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  Jennica Botonis, M. Ed.

  Academic Advisor

  Baylor University - Bachelor of Arts in International Studies
  Texas State University - Master of Education in Student Affairs in Higher Education

Did you change your major? Yes, I did. I changed my major one time. My first semester, I believed I wanted to go to law school after graduating so I began my studies in Political Science. After spending time in several international politics and language courses, I realized more fully that I really wanted to live and work abroad in some capacity. Changing my major also gave me the opportunity to add a minor to my degree, History. It was my campus involvement during college, however, that led me to my real passion, working with students in higher education.

Have you ever dropped a class? Yes, I did drop a class. I was really unsure about taking college level math courses and signed up for my first math course during my sophomore year. After one week, I felt like the class was not going to be a good fit that semester so I dropped it early and decided to spend a little more time preparing before trying to take it again the following semester. I was successful the following semester.

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  Joshua Connor

  GA, Major Exploration Advisor

  Saint Louis University (Dec 2016)- Master of Social Work, Clinical Concentration
  Western Illinois University- Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)
  Spoon River College- Associate Arts & Sciences

Did you change your major? Yes, I actually changed my major three times. I had started college with the idea of becoming an archaeologist, so I was a history and foreign language double-major. It was through volunteering at my local museum that I learned spending my days in the back of a museum full of artifacts, although fun, was not something I wanted to do long term. I then decided to pursue my love of cooking and baking as a hospitality management major. During my time in Chicago, I learned through this experience and many months of reflection that it was a commitment to service that I loved. So, I went back home and earned my Associate's degree before going to Western Illinois University for social work. Despite going through many changes, I am confident I am in the right field and enjoy my field of work. I am excited to be taking part in the next piece of my education here at SLU as a Master of Social Work student with a clinical concentration and gerontology specialization.

Have you ever dropped a class? No, I never needed to drop a class.

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