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SLU Appointments

SLU Appointments will allow you to schedule an appointment with your Academic Advisor.  Follow the easy directions below:

1. Log in to your mySLU account
2. Open your Tools page
3. Click on the SLU Appointments icon (the image you see above!)
4. Select either "Academic Advising for Your Major" or "Secondary Academic Advising" (Secondary advising offices include Honors, Pre-Professional Health Studies, Pre-Law, and Student Educational Services)
5. Follow the prompts to select desired date and time
6. After you have scheduled your appointment you will receive an email conformation

Please use SLU Appointments to cancel and reschedule appointments.

You will also use SLU Appointments to schedule career counseling, tutoring, and writing appointments.  If you have any questions or need assistance scheduling an appointment, please contact the Student Success Center at 314-977-3484 or visit the BSC, Room 331.

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