Saint Louis University

As a family member or guardian of a Major Exploration student, we recognize the importance you place on your student having a successful educational experience. Our goal is to support students through the exploration process by cultivating an environment conducive to self-reflection. Furthermore, we will assist students with their overall transition into college and to campus resources.

It is also important to empower your student to take ownership of their educational experience. You will want to discuss with your student what rights you have to view and/or discuss their academic record under FERPA.

How your student will be supported

  • Regular appointments- Academic advisors want to get to know your student through regular individual appointments. Your student will discuss and uncover their passions, skills, and abilities. Advisors will support your students through their transition into SLU and connect your student to faculty, staff, and the university. There is no limit to the number of appointments your student can have. Students and advisors can meet every week or every month. We recommend that students meet with their advisor at least four times a semester.
  • Intentional activities-The individualized academic advising syllabus serves as a framework for your student to take responsibility for their academic plan and to learn about major and career options. As each syllabus is individualized, no two syllabi will be the same. Your student's syllabus is designed solely for him/her. 
  • Strategic scheduling- Saint Louis University does not have a general education block or a core curriculum, meaning that there is no set of classes that all students must take. Your student will work with a Major Exploration Academic Advisor to schedule classes that will help your student explore major options and meet any prerequisite classes for majors they are considering. With regular advising appointments, your student will most likely be able to explore majors and be on track for a timely graduation.
  • Support from the start- As soon as your student starts the day at SLU 101 with Major Exploration, your student will feel welcomed and supported. Your student will get help, tips, tools, and resources to navigate Saint Louis University and be academically successful. Your student is not alone, and Major Exploration advisors will help your student connect to the right people and the right opportunities
How you can support your student
  • Encourage your student to be engaged in the exploration process. This includes personal reflection, research, and talking with faculty members.
  • Understand your students' need to explore. Being supportive and patient will help the process in a positive way.
  • Be a resource for your student. Discussing the importance of researching various professions will hopefully encourage them to take initiative; such as job shadowing, interviewing a family friend who is in an interested field, etc.
  • Ask your student about their college experience and why they are interested in certain majors and careers.