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When will I meet with my Academic Advisor?

Advisees are required to meet with their assigned Academic Advisor at least eight times per academic year (Four required appointments in the Fall semester and four in the Spring semester).

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

#1 Weeks 3-5 College Transition & Creating Exploration Plan

#1 Week 3-5 Lessons Learned from Fall

#2 Weeks 6-7 Group Advising Meeting

#2 Week 6-8 Curriculum Planning & Pre-Registration Preparation

#3 Weeks 11-14 Pre-Registration Appointment

#3 Weeks 11-14 Pre-Registration Appointment

#4  Weeks  15-16  Self - Assessment and Goal Setting 


#4 Weeks 15-16 Self- Assessment and Goal Setting


Each student is also expected to complete at least one appointment with their Career Development Specialist. It is highly recommended that students begin meeting with their Career Development Specialist early in their college career. We find that students who frequently meet with their Career Development Specialist benefit more from that experience. More information about Career Services can be found on the Career Services website.

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