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Students will often ask "What requirements do I need to fulfill?" when they are thinking about classes for the following semester. To answer that question one needs to understand how the colleges are structured here at Saint Louis University and the various requirements.

There are seven schools at SLU that students can graduate from. They are:

Each of these schools/colleges has their own set of requirements for degree completion. While there is some overlap between the colleges/schools, SLU does not have a common core that all students must universally follow. This is just one of the reasons students need to be active explorers. By looking at the various colleges, programs, and majors students are interested in they can have a better understanding of what each program entails and what might be a good fit for them. The Undergraduate Catalog is the comprehensive location of all programs and program requirements.

Academic Program Contacts

There are many friendly people at the University who are interested in guiding you through your exploration process. You can access our "Friendly Faculty Contact List" for names and contact information for various academic programs and our information interview guide that covers etiquette for networking with program contacts, tips for making the most of your experience, and a list of sample questions to ask.

Academic Success Resources

SLU offers a variety of academic resources and services aimed at helping students succeed in and outside of the classroom.  Below are links to some of these helpful resources.

Through the office of Academic Support students can utilize Writing Services, Tutoring, and learn about SI sessions

For students who are interested in calculating their GPA, whether it is to get an idea about what their semester grades will be or if it is to see what kind of grades they need to earn in order to achieve a certain GPA, the GPA calculator can help you run the numbers. In order to remain in good academic standing at SLU, your cumulative GPA must be equal to or greater than 2.0. Be aware that some degree programs require a higher GPA to remain in good standing within the specific program.

Finally, by visiting the Online Study Skills Workshops & Resources page, students can read about a variety of ways in which they can grow to be more successful in their academic careers.  Some topics include how to take better notes, dealing with test anxiety, and goal setting.

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