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Students who are advised within Major Exploration are in the process of making an academic/career decision, and there are a few things we want you to be aware of regarding this process. Decision making is a key factor in declaring your major, and each student has a unique decision making style we will explore.

Understanding Your Decision Making Style

  • Spontaneous - You make a decision quickly, because it feels right; you know you can change it quickly.
  • Systematic - You collect all the necessary information first and then methodically weigh all the pros and cons before deciding.
  • External - You talk with many people whose judgment you trust.
  • Internal - You think about the situation and come to a decision on your own.

By reviewing the following statements, what categories do you most identify? Spontaneous or Systematic? External or Internal?  

Spontaneous: I changed my mind so many times, I couldn't decide. It just felt right not to make a decision, and I know once I decide, I may change my mind, so it's not that important.

Systematic: I collected a great deal of information from many sources, but still wasn't sure. Once I make up my mind, I seldom change it, so I want to be sure before I make the decision.

External: I talked to my family & friends about what to do. I consulted with teachers & counselors, and I considered the advice of others when choosing to remain undecided.

Internal: I thought a lot about my situation before choosing to be undecided. I don't often seek the advice of to many people, and I examined all the information by myself but still couldn't decide.










In addition to your decision making style, your feelings and readiness to make the decision will also play a role. The following activity will assist you to reflect upon these aspects of decision making.  


Gaining a better understanding of your decision making style will allow your Academic Advisor to assist you with this decision in a customized and appropriate manner. Students who are active explorers within Major Exploration have a sense of self-awareness, and understanding your decision making process is a great place to begin!

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