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Adding & Dropping Classes

Students register one semester at a time. Every Major Exploration student will meet with their Academic Advisor prior to registration to discuss course recommendations and receive their PIN number (this meeting serves as the third, and final required meeting each semester).

After a student registers for their fall or spring courses, they have the opportunity to add and drop courses. Access to registration is open from the initial date of registration through the first week of the upcoming semester. You will need your PIN  number to complete this process. Please review the instructions below if you are considering adding or dropping a class.

Dropping a Course:

From registration through the first week of the semester, students can drop classes through Banner Self-Service on their own. During the second week of each semester students can drop classes with the assistance of their Academic Advisor and the Change of Registration form without a "W" on their transcript.

Benefits of Dropping a Course:

  • Timing is important! If you drop a class during the first two weeks of the semester, the class is simply removed from your transcript. If you drop between the second and tenth week of the semester, you will receive a "W" for your grade. The "W" is a permanent part of your record, but does not affect your GPA.
  • Dropping a course is better than receiving an "F" for your final grade. An "F" is a permanent part of your record and can drastically affect your GPA.
  • If you drop a course that is very demanding you will have more available time to work on your other courses and perhaps improve those grades.
  • If you are on a scholarship and must maintain a certain GPA, dropping a class in which you receive a low grade may be necessary in order to meet your GPA requirement.

Consequences of Dropping a Course:

  • Dropping a course could put you below 12 credit hours, the minimum to be considered a full-time student. This can affect your financial aid, housing, and/or personal insurance. Contact Student Financial Services, Housing and Residence Life, and/or personal insurance carrier for more information.
  • Dropping multiple courses during your four years may indicate a negative pattern to future employers or graduate schools.
  • Dropping a course that is a pre-requisite for another course could put you behind in your major, especially if the course is only offered once per year. Ask your Academic Advisor!
  • Dropping a course affects the number of credit hours you have completed, and therefore may affect your class standing.

If you are struggling but do not want to drop the class, have an open and honest discussion with your instructor about the course. You may be able to salvage your grade by working closely with the instructor and by improving your performance during the rest of the semester. Speak with your Academic Advisor -- they can help you identify campus resources and support services!

Adding a Course:

During the first week of the semester, students can add classes through Banner Self-Service on their own. They will need their Registration PIN number (found on their Course Recommendation form). During the second week of the semester, they will need to complete a Change of Registration form with their Academic Advisor and obtain permission from the professor.

To obtain permission or if a course if closed/full, please contact the professor and ask permission to join the course. You can find the professor's email & phone information by going to PeopleFinder and typing their name. If the professor's name is not listed on Banner, then please contact the department.

If you are granted permission to join, you will need proof of permission in the form of either (1) an email from the professor giving you permission to join or (2) the professor's signature on a Change of Registration form. Please contact your Academic Advisor for assistance with completing this process. If you are not granted permission to add the class, then you will need to seek an alternate class to add to your schedule. Please see your Course Recommendation form for options or contact your Academic Advisor.

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