Saint Louis University

I have a hold on my account. Why?

Holds can be placed on a student account by various departments at any time during the course of a semester. Holds prevent a student from registering for classes, ordering transcripts, and completing other important tasks associated with being a student at Saint Louis University. Usually they are placed because a student has not completed a required task (i.e. turned in immunization records, paid tuition, attended a required meeting, completed judicial outcomes, updated emergency contact information, etc).

To view any holds, the student should log into Banner Self-Service, click on Student Resources & Financial Services, then Student Records, and then View Holds. The student will not be allowed to register if "Registration" is listed under Processes Affected. The office the student should contact to resolve the hold is listed under Hold Type. Academic Advisors and Registrar staff cannot register a student if they have a Registration hold.

Click HERE for a description of the various holds.