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Registration Terminology

When it comes to registering for classes, there are terms that get tossed around that may not make sense. Here are a few quick definitions for terms that are especially important and relevant to the registration process.

  • PIN/ALT PIN: This is a six-digit number provided to you by your Academic Advisor. This number is required for you to register for your classes. Note: if you are an Honors student, part of the TRIO program, or are approved by Disability Services to receive early registration your PIN will start with a "6"; if you are an athlete your PIN will start with a "7".
  • Pre-Requisite: A pre-requisite is a course that is required in order to take another course. This is something that must be successfully completed before moving to the next level in that subject. (Example: Biology 104 is a pre-requisite for Biology 106).
  • Co-Requisite: A co-requisite is a separate class that carries its own credit value but must be registered for in conjunction with another class. For example, students taking EDF 201-204 (Foundations of Education) must also take EDI 297 (Portfolio Development).
  • CRN: CRN stands for Course Registration Number and it is a five-digit number that is attached to a specific section of a class. In order to register for a course section you will need its CRN. You can find a course's CRN in the Schedule of Classes.
  • Schedule of Classes: The Schedule of Classes is where students can search what courses will be offered in the following semester and can be found in Banner Self-Service. Through the Schedule of Classes you can search by subject, campus, part-of-term, instructor, number of credits, and/or class time offering.
  • Attribute: An attribute is a designation that the class fulfills a requirement or is part of a specific program. Rarely does an attribute limit your ability to register for that class. Attributes are there to inform you. The most common attributes are: Honors; Micah House; SLU Inquiry; Service Learning; International Studies; and Manresa Program.
  • Linked Classes: A linked class means there is a lab or discussion section that accompanies the lecture portion of the class. Many science classes, foreign languages, and some history courses, will be formatted in this way. When you are registering for a linked class you will need to submit two CRNs-one for the lecture and one for the lab or discussion. How do you know which is which? Lectures will have a section number somewhere between 1 and 20, while the labs/discussions will have a section number of 36 or higher.
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