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Will My Classes Count?

A common question from students is "Will the classes I'm taking now as a Major Exploration student count once I declare a major?" The answer is YES! Classes at SLU fall into one of these categories: core class, elective class, pre-professional class, or a major/minor/certificate class. So what do these mean?

  • A core course requirement is a class that is required for every student in that college or program. For example, all students in the John Cook School of Business take Economics 190 because it is a core requirement. All students in the College of Arts & Sciences are required to take two social science classes as a core requirement. Again, each college has a different set of core requirements, so it is best to contact your Academic Advisor for questions regarding core requirements.
  • Major, minor and certificate requirements are those courses that are necessary to fulfill the requirements laid out for each major, minor and/or certificate. For information on the different academic programs at Saint Louis University you can visit the academic program website or explore the Undergraduate Catalog.
  • Pre-professional requirements are the classes a student must take in order to gain entry to some sort of professional program. The most common classes are related to being pre-medicine, pre-dental, pre-optometry, pre-veterinary,pre-podiatry, pre-pharmacy, or pre-physician's assistant. Each of these professional schools require students to have completed certain courses prior to the start of their graduate studies. For more information please visit the Pre-Professional Health Studies or Pre-Physician Assistant Scholars websites. Unlike those listed above, students preparing for law school (pre-law) do not have an existing set of requirements. For more information, please visit the Pre-Law website.
  • An elective course is a course a student chooses to take outside of their major and core requirements. Each undergraduate major/program at SLU requires a minimum of 120 credit hours to graduate. Within these hours is room for elective classes. Some students will use this space to complete a second major, a minor, a certificate or a combination of all of these. These elective hours allow students some time to take a class just for fun or for exploration purposes.


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